Fall 2020 Registration


    Dear Students and Families,

    We are looking forward to seeing you at fall registration Wednesday, August 19 - Tuesday, August 25, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.mA specific time and day is assigned to each student for registration (see link at end of this page). As a reminder, this scheduled arrival is necessary to ensure that we follow the Governor’s and Portland Public School’s protocol for safety and social distancing. This email carries specific information about the safety protocols and the tasks that will be completed during registration. Please read it carefully and feel free to reach out with any questions.

    We have divided the students to come register on specific days as given below:

      • Freshmen (Wednesday, August 19)
      • Seniors and some Juniors (Thursday, August 20)
      • Remaining Juniors and all Sophomores (Friday, August 21)
      • Returning students - please bring any textbooks checked out to you
      • Families with students new to Cleveland will need to schedule an appointment for either Monday, August 24th or Tuesday, August 25th by emailing CHS Registrar (lfisher1@pps.net)

    Safety Protocols

    • Families arriving by car will need to remain in their cars at all times; only the registering student will exit the vehicle.
    • Face masks are required at all times and social distancing guidelines must be adhered to per State and District protocols.
    • Students will enter the parking lot on foot and vehicles will remain on SE Franklin Street.
    • Students and families will be guided through the registration process.

    Registration Process

    • The registration process will have four steps, designated by stations:  
      • Station 1: Student Verification Form 
        • Students walk into parking lot on SE 26th and SE Franklin
      • Station 2: Registration ID Fee  
        • Students cross SE 26th at the crosswalk and walk to station; cars follow on SE Franklin
      • Station 3: Photo and TriMet ID
        • Students continue east towards SE 28th and enter the gym at the rear doors; parents remain in vehicles; only students allowed in the gym
      • Station 4: Device and Hotspot Distribution for those who need this equipment.  
        • Students exit the gym as directed and go to the loading dock 
      • All students exit the gym/loading dock area on SE 28th and continue to the sidewalk on SE Powell
    • Please note that Student Verification and Registration ID fee will need to be completed before arrival:

     Student Fees

    • Free or Reduced Lunch Program (FRL) will significantly reduce student fees. Families who have not signed up should do so by following this link:  https://www.schoolcafe.com/pps


    Please Note: Required registration fees can be waived or reduced for students that qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch Program and no student will be denied access to PPS programs based on ability to pay. Contact the bookkeeper for more information. 

    A longer list of fees and contributions will be sent to families at a later date. We are only requiring students and families to pay for a Student Body ID Card or Senior Gold Card at fall registration.

     Final Reminders

    • Students will not be receiving textbooks on this day. A separate textbook distribution will take place.
    • Families will be notified when counselors are available for appointments.
    • Returning students should bring any textbooks checked out to them last school year.
    • Stations are marked and staff will direct students and parents.
    • Please arrive during your designated time.
    • Follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks!

    Please click the link below to find your students date and time listed by grade and last name. Please arrive during the designated day and time!

    Link:  Student Assignments by Date and Time