Emotional Support

  • tell There are many types of emotional support available at Beaumont.

    • Ria Goodwin and Paula Inman-Balanzar are trained counselors who are always willing to listen and help you sort out whatever is on your mind. If you want to request a time, send an email right now (Ms. Goodwin / Ms. Inman).
    • Talk to a trusted adult. Your teachers, believe it or not, are actually pretty friendly people who want to see you succeed. The teachers at Beaumont like to teach in a middle school because they understand the special needs and concerns of middle school students. Give 'em a try.
    • Sometimes it can seem like your friends have turned on you or they just don't understand. Give them a chance. Ask yourself, "If my friend came to me with this problem, would I try to help them?" If you would say yes to helping your friend, the chances are strong they will say yes to helping you.

    But what if a friend comes to you with a problem, and you just don't think you can help?

    • The first thing you should do is know that your friend may just need someone to listen to them-so do just that: LISTEN.
    • Avoid making judgments or telling your friend what to do, instead ask your friend questions.
    • Ask your friend what they want you to do. Do they want you to talk to an adult? After talking to you how do they feel?
    • Finally, if you feel your friend is in danger, needs additional help, or you need someone to process their concerns with, contact a trusted adult immediately. Again, a school counselor is a good choice for this.


    There are a lot great resources to provide emotional help outside of school as well. Here are a few.

    • Your parents or older siblings can be a great resource, give them a try.
    • There are many trusted adults in your community: coaches, clergy, relatives.
    • Oregon Youthline (teens helping teens): 1-877-YOUTH-911
    • Multnomah County Counseling Hotline: 503-988-4888.
    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK
    Emotional Support in the Outside World