• Parents who are excusing a student’s absence should call the attendance office at:


    This is a voice mail that is checked each morning and again in the afternoon. Depending on the volume of calls each day, it is possible that even though a parent has called, the District’s automated system may still contact the home mid-day or in the evening.  If you have already left a message, it is not necessary to call the Cleveland attendance office again; the excused absence will be recorded. Parents must clear the absence within 3 days in order to have it excused, i.e., absent on September 1st must be cleared no later than September 4th. An excused absence enables your student to make up classwork whereas an unexcused absence does not. Students need to talk with their teachers to see what work needs to be made up after an excused absence.

    Attendance discrepancies:
    If you believe your student has been marked absent or tardy in error, please do not call the attendance line.  These concerns should be addressed directly to the specific teacher by email.  If the teacher finds they have made an error, they will fix it with the attendance office.  Parents should log on to their ParentVue* account to check on attendance correction status. (*Email ParentVue account requests to morr@pps.net include your name and the names of any students you have attending PPS)

    Appointments during the school day: If an appointment during the day is unavoidable please call the attendance line above as far ahead as possible with the details.  Once our attendance person hears the message they will enter the information into the computer, the teacher can then see the student has to leave early and the student may leave after stopping at the attendance office to check out. If the appointment is last minute, or an emergency, please come into the attendance office to pick up your student and we will call them out of class at that time. (It is important to avoid picking up your student when they have a PE or Strength Training/Crossfit class as it is difficult to contact them during class time.)  For safety reasons, any students leaving school during the day, even with parent/guardian permission, must sign out at the attendance office.  We appreciate your cooperation with the above.

    Portland Public Schools policy states that athletes who miss a class may not practice or play in a contest on the day of the absence.  The only exceptions are a pre-arranged medical appointment, which must be made 24 hours in advance of the day of participation with the attendance secretary, or an emergency.