• "The Legend" is the yearbook for Cleveland High School.  The student-produced publication is released annually in early June.  The price of the book includes a 16-20 page supplement which is designed to be inserted into the end of the book; the supplement is usually available for pick up beginning in July.


    "The Legend" can be purchased online at, where you can also personalize your book, purchase other CHS gear, and order senior baby ads (seniors only—see below for more details). Be sure to select the correct school! Prices start at $60.00.

    Deadline for Ordering Books

    January 31st.

    Please note: while we usually have a few extra copies on hand at distribution, we can not guarantee books to anyone who has not ordered before the deadline!


    "The Legend" is distributed in early June. Seniors receive their books immediately after rehearsal for graduation. The rest of the students may pick up their books beginning on the next school day.

    Unclaimed Yearbooks

    Any copies of "The Legend" that remain unclaimed by the end of December (approximately 7 months after distribution) are made available to the public. Please pick up your yearbook promptly!

    Back Issues

    Back issues of "The Legend" are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices range from $20-$50 (shipping extra, if needed) depending on the year and availability. Contact Eric Levine at for more details.



    Portraits and Quotes

    Senior portraits and quotes are due by the end of the first full week of December. Portraits should present the senior in a positive and appropriate manner. Please adhere to Cleveland’s official dress code and avoid hats, caps, masks, hand signals, face paint, slogans and insignias on apparel, and photo distortion.

    Additionally, seniors may include an appropriate quote no longer than 25 words in length to be printed below their portrait. This is optional.

    "The Legend" reserves the right to refuse any portrait or quote it deems inappropriate for publication.


    While it is possible to shoot a quality senior portrait at home, the best looking portraits are almost always delivered by professional photographers. Here is an incomplete list of photographers who have delivered excellent work for us.

    Campbell Salgado - 503-736-3040

    David Barss - 503-282-1269

    Kathryn Elsesser - 503-957-5143

    Joni Kabana - 503-381-6398

    Julie Keefe  - 503-260-5676

    Carole Meyer - 503-777-0434

    PLAN AHEAD! Professional photography sessions can sometimes take weeks to schedule in advance and then more time is needed for the photographer to process the prints and electronic files. If you have not already done so, schedule an appointment with a photographer as soon as possible.

    Portrait Submission

    Submit your senior portrait as follows:

    • Save a copy as a high-resolution digital images (300 dpi or better; .jpg preferred; .gif and .tiff are also acceptable).
    • Rename the photo  with your student's last and first name, like this: lastname.firstname.jpg (for example: smith.jane.jpg. Please not: senior photo.jpg!)

    If problems arise, please Contact Eric Levine at to make special arrangements.

    Baby Ads

    Senior parents may choose to purchase a commemorative “baby ad” featuring a photo of their child. Traditionally, these messages include one or two photos of the senior as a baby along with a congratulatory message. Baby ads may be purchased online at or via "The Legend" staff. Prices start at $60.00.

    The deadline for baby ads is the Friday before Spring Break.  Ads without payment will not be printed.

    Additional Information?

    Contact yearbook advisor, Eric Levine, at