• Portland Public Schools Diploma Requirements

        Class of 2022 and Beyond Class of 2021
    English    4 4
    Math    3 3
    Science    3 3
    Social Studies    3 3
    Physical Education    1 1
    Health Education   1 1
    Fine Arts-CTE/Arts/World Language     3
    World Language    2  
    Career & Technical Ed, The Arts, or the 3rd year of the same World Language    1  
    Electives    6 6
     Meet district proficiency for Oregon’s Essential Skills (ES) standards   Read


     Meet Personalized Learning requirements (PLRs) as defined below:      
     Develop a Personal Education Plan & Profile Helps to guide students in pursuing their personal, academic and career interests, and post-high school goals 1 N/A
     Participate and reflect upon Career Related Learning Experiences Educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom; Completion tracked in Synergy 2 N/A
     Complete a Resume Include contact information, objective, education and two of the following: work experience volunteer service, skills, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership, references awards, certificates, etc.; Completion tracked in Synergy 1 N/A
     Complete an Extended Application (My Plan Essay)  The application of academic and specialized knowledge and skills within the context of a student’s personal and career interests and post-high school goals; Completion tracked in Synergy 1 N/A
    In addition to the graduation requirements listed above, the Portland School Board has approved the implementation of state-mandated diplomas for students pursuing a modified course of study:
    • The Extended Diploma is a diploma available to students in special education. Students who meet state consideration criteria and earn 12 credits in the specified content area receive this diploma. 


    • The Modified Diploma is available to a broader range of students. Under the rules of this diploma, students must earn 24 credits and meet state specified criteria. Of these 24 credits, 12 credits must be core credits including English, science, social science, and math This diploma requires completion of the Personalized Learning & Essential Skills Diploma Requirements.