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    What is Naviance?

    Naviance is an important tool that all students at Wilson will use for college and career planning, college application, and to fulfill graduation requirements. Naviance is a great research tool, with links to useful websites relating to colleges, financial aid, NCAA eligibility, and a resume-building tool. In addition, students will use Naviance to order official transcripts, prepare for requesting a letter of recommendation from your counselor, sign-up for college visits at Wilson, and indicate your plans for after high school. Find Naviance here.



    Each Fall the Counseling Department holds a Naviance Information Night to demonstrate Naviance features to students and parents. Be sure to attend to unlock the power of Naviance!


    The Specifics

    Naviance College Search

    This research tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of colleges. In addition to general and admissions information you can access data on academics, cost and financial aid, student body characteristics, extracurricular and athletic programs. A link to each college’s website is provided. For colleges to which Wilson HS students applied previously, the “scattergram” presents a graphical view of application outcomes (accepted, denied, waitlisted) using GPA and test scores. Students can gauge their own chances of acceptance by comparing personal GPA/test statistics with those of successful applicants and save their college search results.

    College Application Process

    In your personal account, Naviance Family Connection allows you to organize personal data, lay out a game plan, maintain a list of prospective colleges, and track the application process. Important information from the Counseling Department will periodically be posted on Naviance, such as directions for Letters of Recommendation and special events like financial aid night and other opportunities. Targeted e-mails will also be sent to sub-groups of students (for example, all students applying to a particular college) to remind them of deadlines, college visits, and other important information.

    As college representatives schedule information sessions at Wilson, they are posted on Naviance. Click on Visit Schedule or view the page for a particular college to see whether a session is scheduled. Students sign up for college visits on Naviance.





    Logging In to Naviance

    Students will be given their own Naviance account and should share their access information with their parents. Once students and parents log on to Naviance,  they will have access to all Naviance tools as well as personal academic information (GPA, test scores) and saved college search results. Juniors should begin compiling their list of prospective colleges, and compare their own academic credentials with recent Wilson applicants to those schools. Seniors in the midst of the application process can use the system to manage and track their applications, scholarships, career choices and more.

    Guest login: Any parent or other visitor may log on as a guest using the password “gotrojans” at, however you will not be able to see information specific to your student until you log in using his or her account. For Naviance account access, email Sharon Dailey in the Counseling Department.


    Naviance Basics

    All students will receive training in Naviance before their junior year. Training may occur in Freshman Seminar class or in English classes, with other training opportunities available in the College and Career Center.

    Update email address and cell number: Once you have your login information (see above), log in and update your contact information (this information will only be used by counselors):

    1. Click on the "about me" tab
    2. Scroll down and click on "profile" (under "official things")
    3. Is your email address correct? If not, click on the tiny pencil to edit your email address
    4. Click on "edit" at the top next to "profile"; enter your cell phone number and click "update" at the bottom

    Update Resume: The resume is a graduation requirement; continue to update it throughout your high school career.

    1. Click on the "about me" tab
    2. Click on "resume"
    3. Click on "add new entry" and select a category from the drop-down menu
    4. Fill in the information, and click on "Add to Resume" when finished
    5. Repeat until all new resume items have been entered

    Compile College List: In Naviance you can research colleges, add them to a list called "colleges I'm thinking about" and then select from that list to create a new list called "colleges I'm applying to." Once you start applying to colleges, you will use this list to manage and track your applications.

    First, do a college search in Naviance. There are several ways to search: you can search by entering a college name in the search window, create a search based on a broad list of criteria such as location, school size, majors, etc., or use SuperMatch. Start by using the basic college search:

    1. From Naviance home page, click on the "colleges" tab
    2. Scroll down and click on "college search" in the "college research area"
    3. Scroll through the screens and click on the criteria for your search (there are several screens, keep clicking "next" until you reach the last one)
    4. Click on "save search" to save your search
    5. From your search, add colleges to your "colleges I'm thinking about" list

    You may already know which colleges you're interested in. You can add those to your "colleges I'm thinking about" list:

    1. Click on the "colleges" tab from the Naviance home page
    2. Click on "colleges I'm thinking about"
    3. Click on the blue "look up" button on the right to add colleges to your list
    4. When you're finished entering colleges, click "add colleges" at the bottom

    Try the Naviance Scavenger Hunt to get some practice and become a Naviance expert.


    Naviance Gems—Important Tips On Using Naviance

    Upon logging in to Naviance you will find yourself on the homepage, where you will see welcome notes with important notices, for example, on the college application process or other upcoming tasks. Across the top of the page are tabs labelled colleges, careers, about me, and my planner. Use these tabs to navigate to the different sections of Naviance. Read on to learn more about how to use each area of Naviance.

    First, on the homepage, click on the image on the right-hand side of the page to download the Naviance Student Mobile App for iPhone. Check your Naviance anywhere you go!

    Useful Things Under the "About Me" Tab

    Profile: Click "about me" and scroll down to access your profile. Be sure to update your current email and cell number. Your email must be updated in order to receive scholarship, career day/internship, general info, etc.

    Resume: Update your resume often so your counselor can use it when writing your letter of recommendation and/or for jobs. Find it under the “about me” tab.


    Useful Things Under the "Colleges" Tab

    Colleges I’m thinking about: Enter any college you’re thinking about…if they visit Wilson, you will get an email from Naviance to sign up for their college visit.

    Colleges I’m applying to: Once you have decided where you’re applying, just transfer schools from “I’m thinking about” to “I’m applying to.” This will create a graphic organizer showing application deadlines and application type.

    College Visits: See a running list of up to 80-100 colleges that visit Wilson and/or the surrounding area. Students sign up for college visits through Naviance. Tip: The admission rep giving the presentation is usually the person reading your application, so it's really important to attend these.

    Super Match College Search and College Search: Search for colleges using specific criteria (for example, location, major, region, activities). Because this is YOUR account, you have the ability to sort and save your search information.

    College Resources: Useful links, for example, to resources for financial aid, college and careers, test prep, etc.

    Scattergrams: See where you compare to other Wilson students using your test scores and GPA (who got accepted, waitlisted, and denied).

    College Match: Generates a list of colleges that have accepted students like you, based on GPA and test scores.

    Scholarship List: See an updated list of scholarships, dates, awards, etc. See direct links to scholarships.

    College Maps: See a quick view of college maps including maps of where Wilson students have been accepted and are attending, 20 most popular colleges Wilson students have applied, 40 Colleges That Change Lives, etc.

    Useful Things Under the "Careers" Tab

    Personality Type “Do What You Are”: Complete this assessment to generate a report that will provide you with important information about your personal characteristics. You will learn about careers that are matched to you, your personal strengths and blind spots, how you negotiate in your daily life, and a host of other useful information.

    Career Interest Profiler: A tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests. The interest profiler has 180 questions about work activities that people do at their jobs.

    Under the "My Planner" Tab

    Tasks assigned to me: Shows assignments that have been emailed to students from the career coordinator or counselors. Check your email!!