• Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 1/8/2021

    January 8, 2021

    Dear Families,

    Happy New Year and welcome back to school.  I hope you and your family had an enjoyable winter break and that you found time to celebrate, relax, and step away from technology.  I know we were hoping that 2021 would usher in a sense of calm, and perhaps a return to some level of normalcy, however, based on this week’s events in Washington DC, I am afraid we are not quite there yet.  

    I know many of our teacher’s have been searching for ways to talk about what happened at the Nation’s Capitol on Wednesday. I hope you have also been looking for opportunities to speak as a family and to work with your children to make sense of the rioting, violence, hatred, and lawlessness. There are quite a few resources available, but this list, curated by a fellow principal, might be a good place to start.

    Of course, the Coronavirus only looks to take advantage of our present turmoil and unfortunately, we are still seeing pretty high infection rates in Multnomah County and a statewide struggle to roll out vaccinations.  Although the metrics are still not great, recent changes (and possibly more changes coming soon from ODE) at the state level are placing more authority and decision making in the hands of the school district.  As mentioned in the  recent publication from PPS Officials, district leadership is actively developing plans for a phased approach to bringing students back into our schools.  I expect we will be learning more details about these plans, and how they will impact Duniway students, in the coming weeks.  As always, I will do my best to keep you all informed.

    While there is some reason for optimism (especially if our schools staff can get access to the vaccination), the reality is that Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) is still going to be the mode of instruction for the coming weeks and possibly months.  With that said, our staff is gearing up for an intense period to carefully reflect on how the first half of the year has gone and to look for ways to improve our CDL.  An important piece of this process is to gather explicit data on how our students have been learning.        

    Gathering this assessment data, in the world of CDL, is time consuming and challenging.  In order to do this, teachers will be meeting with students 1:1 over the course of five days, from January 22nd to January 28th. On these days, your child will have a modified schedule which will allow time for teachers to complete the assessments.  While we recognize that a change in routine (and a reduction of live instruction) is not ideal, we believe the information gathered by teachers will be invaluable as they prepare instruction for the second semester as well as complete progress reports to share with families.

    Each grade level team has designed an assessment plan and will be providing additional details about what assessments will be done, when your child can expect to complete these assessments, and what the schedule will look like during this time.  I appreciate your flexibility and your willingness to continue to provide a remarkable amount of support at home.  We have not forgotten how challenging CDL is on all families.

    Some Other News…


    School Counselor Ms. Jessy and Social Worker Ms. Alexis' job is to support ALL Duniway students in doing their best work academically, making and keeping friends, staying healthy, planning their futures, and learning the growth mindsets and social-emotional behaviors that will help them be successful in school and in life. Please take a minute to check out their new website to make it easier for families to access their services and a lot more resources, and opportunities.

    PTA Meeting on Tuesday, January 12th:  For more information, including the ZOOM meeting information, CLICK HERE

    Holiday Home Tour:  Thanks to all those people who supported this year's Home Tour. We sold 250 tickets and raised $3000 for our charity partner New Avenues for Youth.  Thank you to the generous homeowners who allowed us to film their homes and to the Home Tour Team for all their hard work in keeping this 42 year old tradition alive (particular thanks to Melissa Ewbank, Sarah Lewis and Erin Black-Mitchell).

    Details from the Duniway Foundation Auction Team:

    • Gift Card Drive to Benefit Local Businesses-- and Duniway!  If you haven't done so already, please consider picking up a gift card (or several!) from our local small businesses, to donate to the Duniway Auction. Our local businesses are loyal supporters of Duniway; let's show them some love! We will sell the donated gift cards at the Auction (March 5!) to raise money for Duniway. Gift cards can be mailed to Auction Co-Chair Erin Gates, 3675 SE Ogden St, Portland, OR 97202.
    • Seeking Vacation Homes for the Auction!  Do you own or have access to a vacation home? Or can you donate a gift certificate for a hotel stay?  We are putting together some amazing packages for the Auction and we are really in need of more lodging donations. Can you help us? Dates can be pushed post-Covid. Please contact Erin Gates with questions or ideas! eringates@gmail.com
    •  Duniway Auction Business Sponsorships are now available! A business sponsorship of the Duniway Auction is an excellent way to help the Duniway Foundation provide a high level of educational support for our students and increase the visibility of your brand! Sponsorship benefits vary by levels, but all include website and social media advertising. Some sponsorships provide for video advertising during the Auction. Plus all donations are tax deductible. It's a win-win!  For more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact Alisa Hardy at 503-708-5562.

     I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend!

     Be well and stay healthy,




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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 12/18/2020

    December 18, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I want to thank everyone for your continuous effort, support, and patience. Winter Break always seems to come at a good time, and this year is certainly no exception.  I know our teachers are looking forward to a much needed break (especially from seesaw) and I imagine you and your children are ready for a break as well.

    When we return to school in January I suspect we will have a better sense of what the second semester of the 2020-2021 School Year will look and feel like.  Regardless of the decisions made by ODE and PPS, we know students will be faced with more uncertainty and change.  If we are fortunate enough to return to Duniway, students will need the time and the coaching to navigate that transition and if we are “stuck” in CDL, we will of course work with students and families to gear up for more distance learning.

    Our PTA will be hosting a panel on January 12th at 6:30 PM to discuss how to best coach/parent your child during these unpredictable and challenging times.  We will also be speaking about how the school and PPS are working to support students, adults, and families.  The panel will include several teachers from our School Climate and Culture team as well as Adrienne Briones who helps lead district-wide social-emotional learning work.  We will send another reminder and the meeting code when we return in January.

    Speaking of our PTA, here are some details about the upcoming holiday home tour.  I want to thank our PTA for not allowing a global pandemic to stop a tradition that is now in its 43rd year.  I also want to highlight that the PTA will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the local non-profit organization New Avenues for Youth:

    Please join us for the 42nd Duniway Holiday Home Tour! Get a sneak peek into 4 uniquely different neighborhood homes decked out for the holidays all from the comfort of your own living room in our first ever virtual home tour. Join our host, Amanda Valley, as she tours the houses and gets to know the people who call them home.

    Unlike in past years, this year the tour will run for 10 days. Watch it once, or over and over again. Your ticket will get you an all-access pass to view the home tour video anytime between December 21st-31st. There is even a special guest appearance by Katy Neill, the woman who started the home tour 42 years ago!

    The PTA understands what a challenging year 2020 has been for so many in our community and beyond. For this reason, we have decided to donate a portion of our home tour proceeds to the local non-profit New Avenues for Youth. 

    We are asking for a minimum $10 donation and tickets can be purchased at www.duniwayhometour.org 

    A Message from our School Nurse Shannon Schupp:
    Happy Winter Break to All Families! ❄⛄ Warm greetings from your School Nurse Shannon!  As we all roll into the Winter Break, and with so much COVID-19 information coming at us all, I wanted to remind everyone about WINTER SAFETY as well.  There are many seasonal and holiday accidents that cause us harm as well.  So as you all go out to enjoy the season, please stay safe!  Here is a link to the Tom Sargent Safety Center with safety information for the season, including information such as sledding safety, signs of frostbite, and holiday decoration safety.  https://www.ohsu.edu/doernbecher/holiday-and-seasonal-safety

    Duniway Foundation Auction Updates:

     Gift Card Drive to Benefit Local Businesses-- and Duniway! 

    While you're finishing your holiday shopping, consider picking up a gift card (or several!) from our local small businesses, to donate to the Duniway Auction. Our local businesses are loyal supporters of Duniway; let's show them some love! We will sell the donated gift cards at the Auction (March 5!) to raise money for Duniway. Gift cards can be mailed to Auction Co-Chair Erin Gates, 3675 SE Ogden St, Portland, OR 97202.

     Duniway Auction Business Sponsorships are now available!

    A business sponsorship of the Duniway Auction is an excellent way to help the Duniway Foundation provide a high level of educational support for our students and increase the visibility of your brand! Sponsorship benefits vary by levels, but all include website and social media advertising. Some sponsorships provide for video advertising during the Auction. Plus all donations are tax deductible. It's a win-win!  For more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact Alisa Hardy at 503-708-5562.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday and a Happy and Healthy start to 2021.  

    Be well,


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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 12/11/2020

    December 11, 2020

    Dear Families,

    Over the last several days, twenty-three Duniway families received boxes of food, grocery store gift cards, and additional gift cards to purchase holiday gifts for their family.  None of this would be possible without the support of our entire community - a collective thank you to all who have helped out in some manner. 

    A special thanks to the Robinson and Carter Families who collected and organized all of the food.  That was no small undertaking and we appreciate their effort and support.  Additional thanks to Lynn Terhaar, Sarah Erickson, and Alexis Scher for their coordination and behind-the-scenes work.  As I have said quite a bit in recent weeks and months, regardless of the state of our world, our local school community remains committed to support our families.

    As winter break approaches, many of us are beginning to wonder about when (and how?) decisions will be made as related to on-line learning versus in-person instruction or some type of hybrid model.  For the latest information, I suggest tuning into a meeting on Monday evening that PPS is hosting.  Here are the details:

    Schools, COVID and Shared Understandings

    Monday, December 14, 6:00-8:00 p.m.:  PPS YouTube channel

    It is my understanding that the superintendent will be making his proposal to the PPS School Board during the first board meeting in January, which is presently scheduled for 1/12/2020. Of course, there might be information that is shared with families prior to this date.  As everyone knows, the near daily shifts and changes make it incredibly difficult to make these district-level decisions.  I remain somewhat hopeful that at least some, if not all, of our students will return to in-person instruction.

    The Duniway Foundation continues to gear up for the 2021 Virtual Auction.  Here is the latest information from the organizing team:

    • Save the date for the "Camp Duniway" Virtual Auction: March 5, 2021! Pre-show 6:30 pm, Live Auction 7 pm! This virtual event is FREE to attend, so invite your family and friends! You won't want to miss it!

    • Please continue to send us your photos for our Virtual Auction Slideshow! Email them to: auction@duniwayfoundation.org.

    • Can you donate a stay at your vacation home? Vacation packages are one of our biggest revenue streams for the Auction. If you would consider donating a stay at your vacation home (or know someone who would), please email us: auction@duniwayfoundation.org. Thank you in advance for your generosity!!

    • Follow the Duniway Auction on social media for all the updates!! 

      • Instagram: @duniwayauction

      • Facebook: Duniway Elementary Auction

    Of course next week is the final week of school in 2020.  We know everyone has been working very hard to make CDL a reality.  We appreciate your efforts and hope that the upcoming winter break provides an opportunity for rest and recovery.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Be well and stay healthy,


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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 11/24/2020

    November 24, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I want to thank our teachers and our families for taking the time over the last week to have some really important conversations.  Every year conferences are really important and this year is certainly no exception.  As we have discussed throughout this year (and last spring as well), maintaining a close relationship and a connection with your child’s teacher is critical during CDL.

    The pandemic continues to impact our community and your support is needed.  We have more families (than during previous years) who need help with food, basic clothing supplies, and other necessities.  In addition, we are hoping to provide extra gift cards to enable families to purchase holiday gifts for their family.  Here are as couple ways you can help our community:

    • Duniway Community Gift Drive is Underway.  This year, we are working to support nearly two dozen Duniway families.  It is really easy to help this year.  Just go to this LINK and help out by purchasing a gift card to support a family.

    • Starting on Monday, November 30th we will have a food drive to help support Duniway families.  Everyone can help out - it is really easy.  Containers for your donations will be set out in front of the school.

    As we begin our Thanksgiving Break (perhaps take a quick look at these recent articles about Thanksgiving from USA Today and the NY Times), I want to wish everyone well.  Enjoy your time with family, stay healthy, and find some time to rest and recover.

    Be well,


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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 11/20/2020

    November 20, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I hope this week’s update finds you well amidst the recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Oregon and Multnomah County.  I am sure that all of us were hoping that our circumstances would be different as we headed into the fall break.  Clearly, Thanksgiving 2020, like much of 2020, will be a truly new and different experience.  Regardless of your plans, I do hope that everyone finds time to recover, nourish yourself and your family, and most importantly, stay healthy.

    I know our teacher’s are excited to meet with families in the coming days (or in some cases, you have already had your meeting).  Teachers are looking forward to sharing information with you as well as hearing your questions and feedback.  Another opportunity to provide feedback is during our monthly Parent Advisory Committee meeting.  The next meeting takes place on Wednesday, December 2nd from 4:30-5:30 PM.  The meeting is on google meet.  The meeting is open to all.

    More and more of you have had the opportunity to meet and work with our new Social Worker Alexis Scher.  If you would like to meet Alexis or have questions for her, she is hosting an “open call//Parent Drop Il” on Tuesday 11/24/2020 from 8-10am.  There is no set agenda - important time to build community, connect, support, and get resources.  You can join the conversation by going to google meet, clicking the join a conversation link and typing in the nickname:  DuniwaySocialWorker.

    As mentioned in previous updates, there are a variety of efforts underway and in planning to help supporting our School Community:

    • Duniway Community Gift Drive is Underway.  This year, we are working to support nearly two dozen Duniway families.  It is really easy to help this year.  Just go to this LINK and help out by purchasing a gift card to support a family.

    • Starting on Monday, November 30th we will have a food drive to help support Duniway families.  Everyone can help out - it is really easy.  Containers for your donations will be set out in front of the school.

    • The Duniway Foundation is staying busy!  The Annual Campaign is wrapping up in the coming days.  Of course it is never too late to make your donation.  Thanks to those of you who have donated and thanks to our Foundation Board and Campaign Chairs for their hard work.  We will soon announce the final count on participation and money raised.

    • Duniway Auction Goes Virtual!

    This year, Duniway's biggest fundraiser will be a virtual event! More details to come. Save the date for "Camp Duniway"-- March 5, 2021!  

    Send us your photos for the Auction Slide Show!

    We are seeking your photos to use in the Duniway Virtual Auction Slideshow! We are looking for photos of:

    *Students distance learning

    *Students enjoying the outdoors/recreational activities

    *Students camping/around a campfire (backyard fire pits are also great!) 

    *Students participating in hobbies or other activities

    *Please email images to auction@duniwayfoundation.org

     Thank you for helping make our Auction a success!!

    ~Erin Gates, Grace Radke, Mallory Ferguson, and Gina Benzien

    2021 Duniway Auction Chairs

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break.  Be well and stay healthy.



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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 11/13/2020

    November 13, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable three-day weekend, followed by a pleasant Veteran’s Day Holiday - no school November is alive and well!  Beginning next week (for some grade levels) and continuing during the first part of our fall break, teachers will be conferencing with parents to discuss how the year is progressing.  In addition to getting an update from your child’s teacher, we hope you come prepared with questions and feedback regarding how CDL has been going from your perspective.  

    Although we are all desperately wanting to return to in-person instruction, the reality of CDL continuing indefinitely is very real, especially with the recent news from the Governor and the disappointing trends in COVID-19 Metrics.  As each week comes and goes it becomes harder and harder to envision a clear path that can safely put our students, as an entire community, back into the building.  I recognize that these are really hard times for parents, teachers, and of course, our students.  I also hear stories (and see first hand) some incredible things taking place  in our virtual classrooms.  I do need to remind myself that in the midst of these turbulent times, there is still room for laughter, joy, and learning.  

    One way to focus on positive action is to think about what we can do to help and support our friends, family, and classmates. The Duniway School community is once again coming together to support our own families that are in need for the holidays.  In the past, the community donated gifts to family member’s as well as gift cards for parents to shop for their own children.  We also included grocery gift cards and boxes of food collected during our Fall Food Drive.

    Because of COVID, this year will look a little different.  To reduce personal contact, we will continue with the food drive (beginning November 30th), donating boxes of food to each family.  But we will donate only gift cards to family members instead of actual gifts.  We are running the program a little earlier so that families will have time to do their own shopping or ordering online.  Hopefully this will help give everyone time to prepare.

     There are two ways to participate in this wonderful program:

    • Just go online and donate a gift card for a child’s gift or a grocery gift card for the entire family, by using this link:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050B49A8AA2AA0F58-holiday  and simply choose your gift.  

    • You can also donate non-perishable foods beginning Monday, November 30th.  Boxes will be on the front porch of the school from 8-3 every day. We hope to help create a good store of foods that families can use to get them through the winter.  This is something everyone can take part in and know that you are touching many lives with your donations. 

    Thank you for your support and generosity.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lynn at lterhaar@pps.net.

    As we get ready to begin our community gift project, the Duniway Foundation Annual Campaign is well underway.  If you have not had a chance to participate in the Duniway Foundation’s Fall Giving Campaign please go tohttps://duniwayfoundation.org/2020-annual-campaign by Wednesday, November 18th.  Your support is greatly appreciated, at whatever level possible.  All funds raised provide a direct benefit to the quality of your child’s education and students throughout all of Portland Public Schools.

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Stay healthy and dry!




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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 11/6/2020

    November 6, 2020

    Dear Families,

    Happy Friday.  Just when it seems incomprehensible to add additional layers of emotional strain, what about throwing in a tense, drawn out, and highly contested Presidential election? I hope everyone is remembering to breathe deeply as we manage to get through yet another challenging time.   Here is an article from the Washington Post with some good links to several interesting articles and suggestions on managing stress during this crazy time.

    Today is a Teacher Work Day, which to be honest, comes at a good time for our staff.  It will give them a much needed chance to catch their breath, spend some time reflecting on how things are going, and have an opportunity for planning the days and weeks ahead.  In addition, they will be using this time to prepare for conferences.  Please email your child’s teacher if you still have not signed up.

    One topic that might surface during conferences is nominating a child for Talented and Gifted (TAG).  Because of CDL, nominations are being handled differently this year.  If you are interested in more information about the nomination process and/or want to nominate your child for TAG, please email Lindsay Iverson, Duniway TAG Facilitator.  All nominations must be received by December 4th, 2020.

    As many of you know, the Duniway foundation fall giving campaign is taking place. Please consider donating to the Duniway Foundation’s Fall Giving Campaign here:  https://duniwayfoundation.org/2020-annual-campaign by November 18th.   This is one of the primary ways we raise money for Duniway teaching positions not funded by PPS.  We used funds from last year to provide Educational Assistants for every grade level this year, keeping our student-teacher ratios low.  I know this is a challenging year for many people, so we appreciate any contribution you can make so we can continue to provide this level of support ongoing.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.



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  • Duniway Community Update

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 10/23/2020

    October 23, 2020

    Dear Families,

    Happy Friday!  On any given day, our students and families are spread out across the entire Portland Metropolitan area (or even further) making distance learning come to life.  Sarah Erickson, our resident video editor extraordinaire has created another great video - check it out!

    With Halloween fast approaching, please send Sarah Erickson your pumpkin photos.  She will post them on the Duniway Website - check it out, we have a few up there now.

    Here are some announcements and updates:

    • Duniway has always been a community that works hard to care for one another.  Duniway's new social worker, Alexis Scher has been working to support our students and families in need during the pandemic. Gift card donations from Target, Fred Meyer, Winco and Walmart are encouraged and much appreciated as they go to help cover basic needs for some of our families. Please help if you can OR contact Alexis if your family needs assistance.  E-gift cards can be emailed to Alexis.  Physical gift cards can be mailed to Alexis Scher, Duniway Elementary, 7700 SE Reed College Place, Portland, OR 97202

    • Many of you have already received your ballots (and perhaps you have already voted) and have noticed that there is an important Bond renewal measure for PPS.  If you attended Back to School Night you hear School Board Chair Lowery speak about the measure.  If you are interested in learning more about what PPS plans to do with the money, this two page document is very helpful.

    • You can get the latest information about how to get meals on the PPS Nutrition Services website.

    • I want to thank parent Elizabeth Martin Akretch and her employer Vacasa for donating 15, 23 in. monitors to Duniway.  Having a second screen while teaching remotely makes a significant difference.  Thanks for your generosity!

    • On Wednesday I hosted our third Parent Advisory Committee Meeting.  As always, it was very helpful to hear from families.  Anyone is invited to attend these meetings.  The next two are scheduled for 12/2/2020 and 1/20/2021 from 4:30-5:30 PM.  Go to THIS LINK to join the meeting.  Here are a few highlights from Wednesday's conversation:

      • Small groups, meeting live with the teacher and/or an Educational Assistant seems to be the best teaching format.

      • Having an adult, who is dedicated to supporting a child, is very significant.

      • Asynchronous lessons that include a pre-recorded, step-by-step video of the teacher makes the learning more engaging and more realistic.

      • A question that was posed that we will be looking into was around parent helpers and whether or not adult volunteers can help facilitate/lead breakout sessions or other groups aimed at supporting students.

      • Students thrive on reading and hearing feedback from teachers, especially feedback that might relate to an ongoing assignment and helps reassure a student that they are on the right track or if they are not, offers the student the suggestions and support needed in order to be successful with the assignment.

    • Fall Conferences are around the corner and will be here before we know it.  Please be on the lookout for a conference sign-up email that will be sent out on October 28, 2020.  All conferences will take place remotely.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you may have.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 10/9/2020

    October 9, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine on this “no school day” Friday, and that your weekend is off to a good start.  I suspect most of you received word that Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) will continue through January 28th, the end of the 1st semester.  A possible return date for students could be Monday, February 1st.  While this news does not come as a surprise, it is nonetheless a disappointment.  

    The reality of our situation is pushing our staff to think creatively and to continue to evaluate what we are doing, make continuous adjustments, and try and zero in on what is working well.  To be honest, CDL is far from perfect.  I think we all know this.  However, we are trying to stay positive, to find moments of laughter and joy, and to take each day as it comes.

    “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
     – Thich Nhat Hanh

    Here are a few updates and insights:

    • Students in 3rd - 5th grade will be studying the recorder in music class.  You should have received an email from music teacher Lisa Adams with details about purchasing a recorder.

    • You may have seen that PPS has made the decision to not use the MAP assessment this fall for students in 3rd-5th grade.  Teachers will be looking for opportunities (less stressful and more integrated into the curriculum) to assess students in the coming weeks so they are able to best meet individual needs.

    • We still have families who have not picked up supplies.  If you are unable to stop by school we are ready and able to deliver supplies to your home.  Just reach out to Lynn and or your child’s teacher.

    • As we spend more and more time in front of the computer, I think it is important to make sure we are taking steps to help mitigate the impacts this is/might be having on all of us.  Here is a recent article that has some interesting suggestions around how to protect your eyes. 

    Thanks to everyone for your ongoing effort.  We appreciate your feedback and your support.  Have a great weekend.


    Matt Goldstein


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  • Duniway Community Updates

    Posted by Sarah Erickson on 10/2/2020

    October 2, 2020

    Dear Families,

    Welcome to October!  This was a pretty big week with BTSN, Library Book pick-up, as well as additional supplies for all grades being passed out.  If you were unable to come by school to pick up supplies, please contact the office to arrange a time to swing by school.  If you cannot make it to school, we are more than happy to deliver supplies to your home.  Just let us know.

    Our teachers are working hard to get more “physical” items to your child for work each day.  We know that spending hours and hours on the computer is less than ideal, so we are working to provide the tools and resources to have more paper/pencil work.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we held our BTSN.  Thank you for making the time to attend.  As with everything else this year, it was a first and unlike no other.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with the technology and the remote event.  Even though the format was different, we hope you learned a bit more about what is happening in your child’s classroom, how you can support your learner, and what you can expect in the coming weeks.  As I visited each grade level team, I was yet again reminded about how fortunate we are to have a highly experienced and committed teaching staff.  

    A few themes emerged from both evenings, most notably, was the importance of flexibility and communication.  Your child’s classroom schedule is there to ensure a predictable, understandable, and well-rounded experience for students.  However, based on your individual circumstances and preferences, families are strongly encouraged to modify, adapt, and adjust the schedule as necessary.  It is perfectly ok to not do it all.  Ultimately, each family, ideally in consultation with your child’s teacher, can create a plan that is balanced, promotes positive mental health, and optimizes opportunities for academic growth.

    In the next week and a half, the Superintendent is expected to update the timeline for returning to in-person instruction (more commonly referred to as the “hybrid model”).  Based on the present metrics set by ODE and OHA it is very likely that PPS will be announcing a continuation of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) through at least the end of the 1st Semester.   While the metrics are disappointing, over the next few weeks, we will begin to discuss (as a staff and as a community) what limited in-person instruction might look like at Duniway.  As defined by ODE, limited in-person is just that, limited, in both the number of students in the school at once and the number coming in during a week.  Unfortunately, it would only allow a small fraction of students to enter into the building.  There is still a great deal of planning and decision making that needs to take place even before this begins.  Be on the lookout for additional communication coming from both PPS and the school.

    On a more positive note, I continue to hear great stories about the work going on in many of our virtual classrooms.  Our students are working hard and making the best of a really challenging situation.  Our teachers are constantly evaluating what they are doing and are making ongoing adjustments in order to maximize student engagement and student learning.  And lastly, our parents, guardians, and caregivers are working tirelessly to hold it all together.  It is important for all of us to lead with a caring heart and a willingness to remain open, patient, and understanding.

    Thank you for your ongoing support.  Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.





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