Principal's Messages

  • Principal's Message - Important Updates

    Cleveland Families,

    I would like to share some announcements and updates with you all. First, progress reports will be going out next week with teachers having until this Friday, December 11 to submit the progress grades. We know some students are struggling. Please know that we are actively using the feedback you gave us at parent teacher conferences and via email to implement strategies to support students in their learning. 

    Second, the district has decided that we will not be giving the PSAT in January. This decision was made in consultation with school leaders and representatives from the district offices of testing and risk management. Here is a link to the announcement which outlines alternative ways for your student to qualify for the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program.

    PSAT Guidance-English

    PSAT Guidance-Spanish

    PSAT Guidance-Russian

    PSAT Guidance-Mandarin Chinese

    PSAT Guidance-Vietnamese

    PSAT Guidance-Somali

    Lastly, I sent an email last week about the new attendance process that we are using that includes new attendance codes. Teachers now take positive attendance (marking a student present instead of absent) every day for that day’s classes. Teachers enter attendance by the end of the work day and attendance calls go out in the early evening. These calls are to remind families to have their students check into their classes which they may do on Canvas. Here are the new codes:

    CS - Student checked into their synchronous class

    CA - Student checked in asynchronously

    UNV - teacher does not have record that the student has checked in by 3:45pm that day

    If your student receives an UNV, that does not mean they will be marked absent but that as of 3:45 PM they have not checked into the period in question. We appreciate your patience as we roll out this new system. The data we receive helps us to better support students and allows you to know on the day of classes if your student has engaged rather than having you learn about it the following day.

    Thank you for engaging with us. As always, feel free to reach out to any of our school staff if you have questions or concerns about your student. Please stay safe.