• FHS Summer Athletic Programs

         Week of 7/26 off for OSAA Moratorium Week (all sports)


    Boys Soccer Summer Workouts

    FHS Field

    Coach Jose Milian,

    Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm

    Tuesday, 7/20

    Wednesday, 7/21

    Thursday, 7/22

    Tuesday, 8/3

    Wednesday, 8/4

    Thursday, 8/5

    Girls Soccer Summer Workouts

    7/14 to 7/23

    FHS Field

    Coach Diana Diaz-Diurych,

    Monday, 7PM-8:30PM

    Tuesday, 7PM-8:30PM 

    Wednesday, 7PM-8:30PM

    Thursday, 7PM-8:30PM 

    Friday mornings, 7AM-8AM 

    Saturday mornings, 7AM-9AM


    Football Summer Workouts 

    7/14 to 7/23 

    FHS Field

    Coach Jesse Thompson,

    Monday       4-6:30PM 

    Tuesday      4-6:30PM

    Thursday    4-6:30PM

    Friday         4-8:00PM


    Cheer Try-outs 

    Auxiliary Gym (2nd Floor)

    Coach Megan Humphreys,

    Tuesday, July 20      4-6PM 

    Wednesday, July 21 4-6PM

    Thursday, July 22     4-6PM

    Volleyball Summer Workouts  

    7/14 to 7/23 

    FHS Gym

    Coach April Kaelin, 

    Friday, July 17       7-9PM

    Monday, July 19    4-6PM

    Wednesday, July 21  7-9PM

    Friday, July 23  7-9PM

    Monday, Aug 2 4-6pm

    Aug 3-5          4-7PM

    Aug 10-12      5-7PM

    Aug 16-18     4-6:30PM

    Boys Basketball Camps

    FHS Gym

    Coach Osa Esene,

    August 9-11 8AM-2PM

    August 16-18 8AM-2PM 


    Girls Basketball Summer Workouts 

    Coach David Jaynes,

    Gym/Weight Room

    Monday  2-4PM Weight Room /  5-7PM Gym

    Wednesday  2-4PM Weight Room /  5-7PM Gym

  • Franklin HS Welcomes Coach Erin Morris

    Coach Morris was the team liaison for the Franklin Swim team the past three years. She has a senior and a freshman who also attend Franklin HS. Coach Morris believes swimming is great exercise, therapy and it's a sport for EVERYONE. She has swam her entire life and Iooks forward to elevating the sport of swimming at Franklin.