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  • Rieke Video News 5/28/20

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    Dear Rieke Rocket community,

    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and acceptance as we, Team Rieke, continue to both adapt to and react to the changes asked of us during this crisis.

    Also, on the good news front, check out this beautifully written piece by Rieke (and Gray) parent Shelby Oppel Wood about the Rieke parade. It has now been published by the USA Today. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/nation/2020/05/07/coronavirus-lockdown-perfect-teacher-appreciation-parade/5176674002/

    There are some very big changes at PPS and Rieke as we enter the second week of May. PPS has now closed on Fridays for the remainder of the school year. Employees have been partially furloughed in order to allow the district to access state and federal COVID related financial relief. In doing so, PPS helps preserve more funding dollars for 2020-21 school year, preserving jobs and lessening the impending financial impact of this crisis. In its most immediate sense, this means the school week is only four days long, Monday through Thursday.

    In addition, the Rieke parking lot paving project has started. The entry from Vermont St into the Rieke parking lot will be fenced off until completion near the end of June. As a result, the childcare provided by Champions for children of first responders is moving from Rieke to Capitol Hill. We are grateful to have hosted this important service and wish the Champions staff all good health as they continue their essential work. While this may offer us at Rieke some more access to the Rieke building, for the most part we have now exited the building for the year.

    Jon Jeans-Principal

    Ms. Jill Mitchell is adding art resources and projects for all students on our art Instagram account, follow her @art_rieke_elementary to engage your kids in some wonderful art enrichment activities during this mandatory break from school.
    Mrs C's Technology page bit.ly/mrscola is also available for students to discover online activities.
  • Register for Kindergarten

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    If you have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1, please register for kindergarten! The process takes 20-30 minutes and school staff will follow up with you later in the summer. You do not need to register if your child attends a PPS Head Start or Pre-Kindergarten program