• Introducing the Remind App to PPS Families

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    Dear PPS Parents and Guardians,

    We know this is a time of transition as we move from school buildings to home-based distance learning for the duration of this closure. In order to continue to work in similar ways with our students as we did in our buildings, principals, teachers and counselors will need to be able to communicate with you and your students while maintaining safety and privacy for all. Because of this situation, we are partnering with Remind to provide a simple platform for all of us to engage together. 

    Remind does not replace Google Classroom or SeeSaw. Those are the PPS-approved platforms where students will receive their course work and/or have classroom video conferencing. Remind is a great tool to support one-to-one interactions. It will take the place of things students, teachers, counselors and administrators used to do in person like assigning school work, having office hours, asking questions, getting assignment support, talking to a counselor about an issue or concern, etc. Remind allows you to text, make calls, send reminders, share video and photos, and allows PPS to track all interactions.

    As part of this rollout, official accounts will be created for all the educators, parents, guardians and students at Portland Public Schools. In the next few days, you'll receive an email or text message from Remind. Just follow the steps in the message to set up your account. Here is a video demo to see how Remind works.

    If you have any questions or concerns about using Remind, please reach out to your principal directly. We are excited to have the opportunity to engage with your family during this time!