• School Supply List 2019 2020

    Kindergarten Supply List

              4 large glue sticks (purple, if possible) 

    1 box 24 count Crayola crayons 

    1 box 24 count colored pencils

    2 boxes Crayola markers, wide tip 

    1 box Crayola markers, fine tip

    1 box Paper Mate felt tip pens, black

    2 Pink Pearl erasers

    2 large dry erase markers 

    1 wide rule composition book (plain/black and white cover) 

    2 plastic folders (plain/solid color) 

    1 bottle Elmer’s glue (white) 

    1 white 1 inch three-ring binder with plastic cover insert 

    2 container baby wipes 

    1 packages disinfecting wipes 

    1 box facial tissues 

    1 backpack, labeled with name 

    1 Ziploc bag labeled with name with spare pants, underwear, socks, and shirt 

    1 pair of headphones in Ziploc bag, labeled with name 

    All supplies and materials will be shared communally among all kindergarten classes (except individual items like backpacks, extra clothes, headphones), so please only get plain/solid colored items whenever it is specified.

     First Grade 2019-20

    Community Supplies - please do NOT mark the supplies with your child’s name.

    4 large Elmer's glue sticks

    12 YELLOW or recycled wood Ticonderoga sharpened #2 pencils

    2 boxes 10 count Crayola Markers (1 box classic, 1 box fine line)

    1 box 24 count Crayola crayons

    1 black fine point Sharpie marker

    2 two-pocket folders (plain solid colors - no designs);     1 red 1 blue

    1 pack Watercolor paper 9"x 12"

    1 package unscented wet wipes REFILL packs for cleaning desks

    1 box tissues

    Personal Supplies:

    1 pair of headphones, labeled with name

    1 leak and shatter proof (not glass) water bottle, labeled with name


    Wish List – donate (new or used in good condition)

    it would be much appreciated:

    • extra two-pocket folders (plain solid colors – no black, no designs),
    • Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer
    • Extra headphones
    • Headphone splitters for iPads
    • Homemade playdough
    • Colored sharpies

    Extra headphones

    • Headphone splitters for iPads
    • Homemade playdough
    • Colored sharpies

    2nd Grade

     1 box 24 count colored pencils

     2 large glue sticks

     2 black sharpies (not fine)

     48 Ticonderoga #2 pencils

     1 box 24 count crayons

     1 box Crayola markers (thick)

     1 watercolor set (16)

     1 single subject wide rule spiral notebook

     2 composition notebooks (black and white)

     3 plastic (not paper) pocket folders- blue, green, purple

     1 9”x12” watercolor pad

     1 box tissue

     1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

    1 set of Headphones (please label and put in zip lock bags)

     1 container of disinfecting wipes/we prefer Seventh Generation /less chemicals!

     3rd grade supply list

    48 pre-sharpened pencils

    1 package wide ruled, loose leaf notebook paper

    1 ream white copy paper

    1 Mead composition notebook

    1   1” 3-ring binder

    1 Elmer’s glue stick

    1 pink pearl eraser

    1 plastic pocket folder

    2 box (12 count) Crayola markers

    2 black fine-tipped sharpie markers

    3 box baby wipes or Clorox wipes

    2 box Kleenex

    1 three ring zipper pencil pouch for inside 3 ring binder


    4th/5th Blend

    2 dz. Ticonderoga

    Pencil Sharpener with lid

    Glue sticks – 2 large


    Colored pencils

    1 ream wide ruled notebook paper


    2 or more boxes of tissue

    1 container of wet wipes

    2 highlighters (different colors)