• Principal Message 4/15/22

    April 15, 2022

    Weekly OGMS Family Communication


    After a snow day on Monday, we came back on Tuesday and had a great week at Ockley Green.  We are entering a busy spring of testing, activities, and field trips.  We are excited to celebrate our students and families at our Culture and Community on May 5th.  A Save the Date is below, posted on our website and an invite was sent through messenger.  We are excited to see our families and celebrate with food, fun and showcasing student work.


    Dr. Tania McKey

    Interim Principal - Ockley Green


    Resources for Families


    April Safety Drills

    This month we complete our Earthquake and Fire Drills.  We’ve planned these for Monday, Apr 18, 2022.  During the drill building access and office phone lines may be briefly interrupted.  We complete these drills in accordance with district guidelines to help keep students safe in the event of an actual emergency. 


    Ockley Green Plant Sale

    We're excited to offer vegetables and flowers from New Leaf Greenhouse—

    You can place orders through Mayday Sunday (May 1st, 2022) at 5 PM. Pick up from the school (Ainsworth side) on Friday May 6th 12:00-5:00. Feel free to reach out to arrange a different pickup time or to inquire about a local North Portland delivery. 

    Proceeds from the sale will support our Ockley Green Middle School 8th grade graduation and end of the year activities. Email muriahg@hotmail.com with any questions. 

    Many thanks for supporting our school community! https://ockleygreensupportersplantsale.company.site/ 


    Vandalism and graffiti update

    This week we’ve again noted a small handful of instances in which hate speech or symbols were written or drawn at our school. Staff worked quickly to remove the offending messages and symbols and documented them in accordance with district protocols. We will be reviewing and augmenting our supervision and educational efforts.  If you or your student have any information, you can report it to Dr. Tania McKey tmckey@pps.net, a trusted staff member or anonymously to SafeOregon. If your student does not feel safe and you would like them to speak to a caring adult, please contact: 

    Student safety and inclusion is the District’s core value. Hate is not tolerated nor accepted in our community. These incidents are an affront to our core values of Racial Equity and Social Justice, Respect, Honesty and Integrity. We value and respect everyone in our school community and understand that our diversity makes us stronger. Everyone is welcome at Ockley Green and everyone belongs. Every student deserves a positive educational experience where they feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging


    Dragon Swag Sale - MORE ADULT SIZES IN STOCK! 

    Hooded Sweatshirts are $20, T-Shirts are $10, and the comfort and smiles that come from wearing and representing our school community with pride are free! We have youth sizes Large to X-Large, and adult sizes Small to X-Large.Please contact the front office (530)916-5660 to place your orders today!


    8th Grade Promotion: Thursday 9 June 2022 at Roosevelt High School (Times and Program TBA)


    Vaccine Exemption Day is April 20, 2022

    This year you have more time to get your child’s vaccines up to date. On April 20, children who are not up to date on vaccinations will be unable to attend in-person school or child care.

    If your child is missing vaccines, don’t wait. You should make a vaccine appointment now, as there may be a long wait.

    Shots are required by law for all children in schools, preschools and child care facilities. Parents will be sent a letter if their child’s vaccination records are incomplete.

    Many kids have fallen behind on required vaccines due the Covid-19 pandemic. Well-child visits may have been postponed or canceled. Medical staffing shortages have also limited pediatric vaccine appointments. 

    We hope giving families more time to catch up on vaccines will help children to stay in school.


    Where to Get Your Child Vaccinated

    You can get your child’s shots at their regular health care provider. If your child doesn’t have a regular health care provider or if you can’t get an appointment, you can get them vaccinated at one of our Catch-up clinics:


    Jefferson High School Multco Health Clinic | Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 8:45am-4:45pm. Please call (503)988-3360 on Tuesdays 7:45am-3:45pm to schedule appointments for FREE vaccines and medical assistance.

    Gateway (Inside WIC Clinic) | April 6, 2-6:30

    NE Health Center (WIC Clinic) | April 9, 12-4:15pm

    McDaniel High School | April 13, 3:45-6:30pm

    David Douglas High School | April 16, 9am-2pm

    Drop in. Call 503-988-8939 for more information. Bring ID and an insurance card, if you have one. You don't need to be a WIC participant. Covid vaccines are also available for 5+. 


    Student Health Centers:

    All children ages 5-18 can get vaccinations for no out-of-pocket cost at one of 9 locations

    We’re located at local high schools, but you don’t need to attend school there to get care

    We accept all types of insurance and serve the uninsured

    No appointment necessary

    Primary Care Clinics


    Low or no-cost vaccinations for children, including uninsured

    Call 503-988-5558 to make a new patient appointment

    Get a Letter?

    If you receive a letter from school or the Health Department, bring it with you when you take your child to be vaccinated.


    Immunizations are one of the best ways to prevent diseases and keep everyone healthy. We hope your child never has to stay home from school or child care.

    PPS Summer Arts Academy

    Summer Arts Academy runs from Jul 25 - Aug 5 at Harriet Tubman Middle School. This program is FREE of cost. Students will have the opportunity to engage in Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, and Technical Theatre major classes with additional minor classes (open to any Major student), culminating in a final showcase on the last day of the academy.  Past examples of minor classes have included hip hop, stop motion animation, stage combat, and bucket drumming.

    Students & families can apply by Friday, April 22 one of two ways: 

    1. Complete THIS GOOGLE FORM
    2. Fill and submit a printed application to your school. Students can retrieve printed application forms in the front office to take home with them and need to return the completed forms back to the front office.


    Attention 8th grade families!

    Leap into 9th Grade

    June 27-July 15, 2022, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 12:30 pm

    Prepares students to excel in high school and get a head start in working with their teachers and peers. Students will receive a daily bus pass and earn a 0.5 high school elective credit upon successful completion of the program.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The program will be available to all students, but prioritized for incoming 9th grade students identified as Academic Priority, or students who would benefit from additional supports. Space is limited due to staffing.



    Tutoring with Ms. Kate

    If a student needs extra help, they are welcome to come in early to Ms. Kate's classroom (213) before the beginning of school each day. Any grade and subject area help is available. If you plan to come, please text Ms. Kate and let her know so she can let the student in the building. (248.891.9903)


    Morning Breakfast Routine Notice

    Breakfast is available on campus for all students every day beginning at 8:45am, and is served until 9:03am when the opening bell of the day sounds. Student’s have until 9:10am to enjoy their breakfast, and are expected in class, fed and seated for learning once the 9:10am bell has rung for the beginning of the first class of the day. Breakfast will not be available after 9:10am. Please ensure that your student understands this timetable so that we have all students safe, accounted for, and learning.



    Beginning on Monday, March 14, PPS will transition to optional masking for all staff and students across every PPS building. This is aligned with the new public health guidance released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Multnomah County Public Health.

    Here is why we are making this decision:

    • This week, ODE/OHA and Multnomah County public health both released updated guidance that mirrors and complements the CDC’s new guidance and COVID-19 Community Levels tool. This tool helps us–PPS and each one of us as individuals–take preventative steps based on the latest local COVID-19 data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in our community. 
    • Currently, Multnomah County is classified as having a “low COVID-19 community level.” Based on this — and with no new variant on the horizon — Multnomah County will not be implementing a local mask mandate at this time. 
    • The latest data by the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) indicates that less than 14 percent of Oregonians are currently susceptible to COVID-19. The rates of vaccinations and boosters in Multnomah County are high. In addition, the number of individuals who were infected with the Omicron variant is widely believed to provide a level of community protection against COVID-19 for at least the next three months.

    In addition to transitioning to optional masking, we will continue the pause of general contact tracing and quarantining in schools. At this time, public health affirms contact tracing and quarantine to be ineffective at slowing the spread of a virus that moves as quickly as an omicron.

    Based on the lessons of the last two years, and to prepare for future and possible COVID-19 surges or variants, we will continue to:

    • Stress handwashing;
    • Use MERV 13 HVAC filters and will replace filters in each of our portable air purifiers;
    • Closely monitor illness among staff and students and require that all persons stay home when sick with COVID-19 symptoms;
    • Provide the OHSU weekly screening testing program and school-based rapid resting for individuals who might become symptomatic while at school;
    • Inform families and staff if an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 was on-site during their contagious period.


    SUNSchool Attendance Policy

    Students who are enrolled in our SUNSchool after-school program are required to remain in the building and proceed directly to the cafeteria once the final class of the day has ended. There is no re-entry for students once the school day has ended. Thank y’all for working to keep our campus secure and our students safe and accounted for!


    Volunteering at Ockley Green Middle School; A message from our Parent Volunteer Coordinator


    Hi OG Community,


    As a parent volunteer "volunteer" coordinator, I'm reaching out to see if you might be able to support our community in a few simple ways. We created a volunteer survey based on the needs of teachers and staff at Ockley and would love it if you could fill it out and share more about what you might be able to help out with within the school day, if possible. The needs range anywhere from a 20 minute Safety Patrol block to small group work or helping out in the hall or at lunch. Your presence makes a difference for students. I started doing safety patrol once a week and it's clear that having a friendly adult presence is a nice way for students to start their day and makes people feel safer on busy Ainsworth as well. 

    The survey can be found here: Volunteering at Ockley Green.



    Anna Marquez


    Together we make our community stronger! Please use the form linked below to express interest in volunteering during the school day and events outside of school hours. Our school communities keep our Dragons flying! https://www.pps.net/domain/66


    Student Pick-up Reminder

    Parents and Guardians, please be advised that students are unable to be sent home early during lunch times. If you need to pick-up your student from Ockley Green before the end of the school day, please make sure that it is any time before or after the times listed below to ensure that we can quickly find your student(s) and send them out promptly to you.


    Monday Lunch: 11:46am-12:16pm; Tuesday-Friday Lunch: 12:10pm-12:40pm 


    Donation Call - Wellbeing and Drama

    Mrs. Sawyer's Wellbeing/Nutrition Class is seeking donations of gift cards to Fred Meyer and/or New Seasons Market to enrich our student’s experiences. Wellbeing is also interested in any food donations you might have and we are currently in need of electric handheld mixers. The Ockley Green Drama class is in need of large pieces of cardboard and/or plywood, for set building. Please reach out to jsawyer@pps.net for more information on how you can help!


    Note from the school counselors: 

    Forecasting 6th and 7th graders:

    On Wednesday February 16th we will be forecasting out current 6th and 7th grade students during our flex period. What this means is that students will get a chance to learn about elective classes that are available for next school year. Students will fill out a survey letting us know what their top choices are. We encourage you to talk to your students about this and reach out to your school counselor with any questions. We also encourage kids to stick with dance or band if they are enjoying it this year. 


    High School Forecasting for current 8th grade students: All information and live links here and also sent out directly through Remind from Ms. Galen


    Mrs. Stone, jstone@pps.net, works with students with last names A-K

    Ms. Galen, gdickstein@pps.net, works with students with last names L-Z









    Return to Single Lunch Schedule

    With the nicer weather and added coverage provided by our exterior tents we're planning to return to a single lunch schedule starting on 2/16/22 (rather than continuing our current two lunch schedule).  Students will all be able to eat in the cafeteria or the rear of the school.  Slides will be shared with students in advisory on 2/16/22 with additional details regarding logistics in terms of when to proceed through the lunch line etc. so that we can avoid unnecessary crowding.  In the event of days with severe inclement weather we may revert to our two lunch schedule but we hope that by going to a single lunch program we can lessen the interruptions to classes caused by the two lunch plan. 


    Summer Reading Program; Oregon State University

    Programs for Entering 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders In these effective and enjoyable programs, your son or daughter will make substantial gains in comprehension in fiction and nonfiction, learn to read twice as fast, and become a better writer. Students expand their vocabulary and learn the best way to take notes and study for tests. Students learn effective techniques that improve writing skills and build confidence. Your child will complete homework and writing assignments more quickly and easily, get better grades, and enjoy reading more.


    Comprehension, Writing, Textbook Skills, Vocabulary, and Reading Speed are just some of the tools and techniques your student(s) will develop and hone during the program. For more information, or to register, call 1(800)715-2808. Inquire early as class sizes are limited.


    Multnomah Early Childhood Program

    Learning in a nurturing environment is important for a child’s development. In our imaginative and lively classes, young children make friends while playing, painting, learning and laughing alongside children with special needs. Peers will learn diversity, tolerance, and to appreciate the differences in every child. Our professional teaching teams include state licensed, early childhood special education teachers. MECP is a program of the David Douglas School District. Interpretation services are available upon request. Cost $32 per month; FREE and reduced tuition for families that qualify. 503-261-5535 / mecp_peer@ddsd40.org 


    Portland Parks & Recreation Preschool 2022-2023 Registration

    Click to register here: 2022-2023 Registration

    OSU STEM Academy AWSEM Club


    Biased Language and Sexual Harassment Lessons and Protocol

    We has seen a rise in the use of biased language and sexual harassment this school year. To address these issues, each subject area will be engaging students across grade levels in a series of 10 lessons to support students learning pro-social skills and build healthy friendships with each other. The lessons will cover the following topics: power of language, defining sexual harassment and biased language, reporting biased language and sexual harassment, reflecting on data from Ockley Green, school appropriate physical contact and asking permission from someone, metacognition, interupting harassment and biased language, decision making, healthy friendships, and restorative justice. 


    Teachers and staff have also been trained in an intervention protocol from Learning for Justice called Speak up. We will be using it school wide to educate students on the impact of biased language and harassment and to intervene when they happen at school.


    TAG Nominations

    The TAG nomination window for this year closed on January 7, 2022. Nominations will be accepted again toward the beginning of the 2022-23 school year and will be accepted until Winter Recess.

    Math Game Opportunity

    Hello NBA Math Hoops families! Learn Fresh continues to support learning in all environments. We are pleased to offer the physical NBA Math Hoops board game for distribution at no cost to families in the U.S. Please complete the form to request a copy of the NBA Math Hoops board game for the young learners in your household (best for grades 4-8). Games are available on a limited basis, and families with a demonstrated need for at-home learning resources will receive priority. You will receive an email confirmation when your game request has been processed. While waiting for your NBA Math Hoops board game to process and deliver, download the NBA Math Hoops App and NBA Math Hoops: Skills & Drills App on both iOS and Android. Visit nbamathhoops.org/app to download!


    Resources for Families/SUN School Request for Assistance

    Families can use this form to request assistance with rent, utilities, or food - this form is a one-stop shop.  


    OG Fruit and Vegetable program

    Ockley Green will be participating in a free fruit and vegetable program for students.  This program provides students with an opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack at the end of the day.  Due to the recent need to transition to Temporary Distance Learning and the need to re-orient students to in-person lessons as well as our new lunch logistics we’ve slated our fruit and vegetable snack program to begin on 2/1/22.  Students will receive their fruit or vegetable snack at the end of the day and may eat it upon departing the school.


    New School Health Assistant - Sophia Gardner

    As many of you may have heard our School Health Assistant (SHA) Ibrahim recently moved on to a new assignment.  Our new SHA is Sophia Gardner, she has been working closely alongside nurse Tyler and has also been in communication with Ibrahim during her transition into the role.  Her email address is sgardner@mesd.k12.or.us in case families or students would like to reach out to her to welcome her or if there are any questions about the services our SHA provides. 


    OGMS Cell Phone Contract

    We started our cell phone reset this week and have seen a sharp decrease in the use of phones in disruptive ways. We will continue next week with the rest and the cell phone contract below.

    This contract outlines the conditions of a student’s use of a cell phone while at Ockley Green Middle School. Cell phones can be used as a tool for learning or they can act as a distraction. Our goal is for students to learn how to appropriately use a cell phone. These guidelines and consequences will support all students to use cell phones to build positive relationships and succeed academically. Students must follow these guidelines in order to have continued access to a cell phone at Ockley Green Middle School. 


    1. I can use my cell phone before school starts, at lunch and recess, and after the school day is over. 
    2. My phone is off and away during class time and in the hallways.
    3. I can leave my phone with my teacher for the class period to help me focus on my school work. 
    4. If my family needs to talk to me or I need to talk to them, at lunch or recess I can call or text them. Any other time I can ask my teacher to use the classroom phone, call from the front office or get permission to contact my family through my cell phone. My family can call the front office at any time to talk to me. 
    5. Starting February 1st, there will no longer be warnings for having my cell phone out without permission. I will have to immediately leave it with an adult or turn it in to the front office for pick up at the end of the day. 
    6. If I refuse to leave my phone with an adult or the front office, my family will be contacted and I will need to check my phone into the front office for a day.
    7. The second time I have to turn in my phone, someone from my family will have to come pick it up from the front office. 
    8. The third time I have to turn in my phone, my family will be contacted and for a week I will have to check in my phone to the front office at the beginning of the day or leave my phone at home.
    9. After the third time, my family and I will have a meeting with an administrator to create a plan around access to my phone at school. I could lose the right to have my phone at school at all. 
    10. When a guest teacher is teaching, I will follow classroom expectations and not have my cell phone out for any reason.  
    11. My teacher will explain when and how I can use my cell phone in their class. When I use my cell phone with my teacher’s permission, I must put it away before I leave the classroom.


    Student support team and counselors are here to help!  For check-ins, mental health support, or just to chat email, call, or text.  We are available during school hours to connect:


    If you need immediate assistance in a crisis please see phone #’s below:

    • Multnomah County Crisis Line - Mental Health Crisis Line for youth and adults 503-988-4888 
    • Crisis Line - Text resource to connect with a mental health counselor by text
      • Text “HOME” to 741-741
    • Youthline ALL youth in crisis
    • Trevor Project - LGBTQ+ Crisis Resource


    Free at-home-COVID-19 Test Kits

    Get your Covid test kits through the federal government. They are free and include 4 per rapid tests per household. All you need is to enter your zip code and mailing address for delivery in late January.



    Dental Sealants

    Greetings Parents/Guardians,

    Multnomah County’s School and Community Oral Health Program is offering Free sealants and dental screening. A dental screening is a quick look inside your child’s mouth to check the overall health of their teeth, and sealants will be placed if needed.

    This service is available for students in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

    What questions do you have? Please call us at 503-988-3905.

    To use this FREE service please fill out the electronic permission slip at this link:




    Saludos Patres/Tutores,

    El programa de salud oral escolar y comunitaria del condado de Multnomah ofrece selladores y exámenes dentales gratuitos. Una revisión dental es un vistazo rápido dentro de la boca de su hijo/a para revisar la salud general de los dientes y se les aplicará los selladores. 


    Este servicio está disponible para estudiantes de segundo, tercero, sexto, séptimo y octavo grado.

    ¿Necesitas ayuda? ¿Tiene preguntas? Llámenos al 503-988-3905


    Para usar este servicio gratis, complete este permiso electrónico:






    Приветствую родителей / опекунов,


    Бесплатные зубные защитные покрытия и стоматологический осмотр предлагаются в ближайшем к вам центре. Стоматологический осмотр - это быстрый осмотр рта вашего ребенка, чтобы проверить общее состояние зубов, и при необходимости нанести зубные защитные покрытия.

    Нужна помощь? Есть вопросы? Позвоните нам по



    Чтобы воспользоваться этой БЕСПЛАТНОЙ услугой, заполните электронный бланк разрешения по этой ссылке:


    Community Resources 

    • Emergency Rental Assistance:  The impacts of Covid-19 continue to impact many families financially.  If you are at risk of eviction or behind on rent, programs may be available to help.  Please contact School Social Worker Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) to see if you qualify.  
    • Asistencia de Emergencia Para el Alquiler: Los impactos de Covid-19 continúan afectando financieramente a muchas familias. Si tiene un alquiler atrasado, es posible que haya programas disponibles para ayudarlo. Comuníquese con la trabajadora social de la escuela Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) 


    Chromebook Care

    Many of the student Chromebooks are having issues that require repair.  Families are not charged for repairs, but please discuss proper care of Chromebooks with your students. They should not be slammed shut or treated roughly, but they are expected to come to school each day fully charged.  


    2021-22 30-Day Notice for Statewide Tests and Opt-out Form

    Parent request for opting out of Oregon Summative Assessments (ELA and Math).  The forms are linked here


    Lunch Clubs 






    • OG Student Council
    • Trotter, Soto, Avy H.
    • Rm. 113
    • Max:  16
    • Board Games, DnD, Magic the    Gathering
    • Host:  Halbig
    • Rm. 207
    • Max: 16
    • Anime & Manga Club
    • Host:  Ms. Kray
    • Art Room - 101
    • Table-top Games, DnD
    • Host:  Usselman
    • Rm. 225
    • Anime & Manga Club
    • Host:  Ms. Kray
    • Art Room - 101
    • Book Club & Battle of the Books
    • Host:  Graham
    • Rm:  Library
    • Max:  30
    • Girl BOSS & Girl Power Zine Club
    • Host:  Mendiola
    • Rm. 215
    • GSA
    • Hosts:  Elizabeth, Trotter, Galen
    • Rm: Library
    • Drawing, Rubik’s Cube and Quiet Lunch Space
    • Host:  Curtis
    • Rm. 214
    • Drawing & Coloring Club
    • Host:  Sheridan
    • Rm. 103
    • Max:  8
    • Sports Club
    • Hosts:  Mr. Damon, Ms. Kate & Mr. Signorelli
    • Rm:  Gym
    • Max:  30
    • Rubik's Cube Club
    • Host:  Broderick
    • Rm:  Library
    • Max:  15
    • Batman & Xmen Club
    • Host:  Decker
    • Rm. 202
    • Gamer’s Club
    • Host:  Mr. Lawson
    • SUN portable
    • Max:  10
    • Viewing/Fan Club  - “Gravity Falls,” “Duck Tales” or. . .??
    • Host:  Ms. Trotter
    • Rm. 218
    • Ukulele Club
    • Host:  Mr. L. 
    • Rm:  102/104
    • Max:  20
    • Gamer’s Club
    • Host:  Mr. Lawson
    • SUN portable
    • Max:  10
    • Latinx Club
    • Hosts:  Krakow & Jessica Cisneros-Flores
    • Rm. 142
    • Max:  12
    • Ukulele Club
    • Host:  Mr. L. 
    • Rm:  102/104
    • Max:  20
    • Sports Club
    • Hosts:  Mr. Damon, Ms. Kate & Mr. Signorelli
    • Rm:  Gym
    • Max:  30
    • Sports Club
    • Hosts:  Mr. Damon, Ms. Kate & Mr. Signorelli
    • Rm:  Gym
    • Max:  30

    How Can I Access Pediatric Vaccination Information? 

    Families can check with their child’s pediatrician; or

    • Log into Multnomah County Health Department’s vaccine locator website and:
      • Enter their address or zip code under “Location.”
      • Click “Search”
      • Click “Filter Your Results”
      • Click “Pfizer age 5-11” under Vaccine Type.
      • Click “Apply Filters” under Date Range.
      • View the list of Pediatric Vaccine Clinics under Provider Information.
      • Contact the Pediatric Vaccine Clinic provider for appointment information.

    ParentVUE Sign-up Information

    ParentVUE is a tool provided by our Synergy Student Information System.  Most families should’ve received activation letters previously.  More information about ParentVUE open the document that is linked 

    Food Delivery Apps/Services During the School Day

    We ask that students not use food delivery apps or services during the school day.  Students using such apps and or services (or contacting restaurants for delivery) is disruptive to classes and the overall school climate.  It also presents logistical issues for office staff and those supervising lunch.  Families may drop off items for their students for lunch and free hot lunch is available for all students.  Any food delivered by delivery app or from restaurants will be held in the office until the school day ends and then will be available to students at that time. 


    Community Resources 

    • Emergency Rental Assistance:  The impacts of Covid-19 continue to impact many families financially.  If you are at risk of eviction or behind on rent, programs may be available to help.  Please contact School Social Worker Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634) to see if you qualify.  
    • Asistencia de Emergencia Para el Alquiler: Los impactos de Covid-19 continúan afectando financieramente a muchas familias. Si tiene un alquiler atrasado, es posible que haya programas disponibles para ayudarlo. Comuníquese con la trabajadora social de la escuela Avy Harris (rharris@pps.net; 503-729-0634)