• OHSU COVID-19 Testing for Students

    PPS is partnering with OHSU again this year to offer free weekly COVID-19 testing for students. Participation in this program is completely optional, but encouraged, and is offered regardless of vaccination status. Participating students will drop off spit samples in pre-labeled tubes at school on their designated day each week, whether they have symptoms or not. Ockley Green will begin collecting spit samples starting September 27th and every Tuesday thereafter unless otherwise noted.

    What’s new?

    • Registration: Beginning today Parents/Guardians can start enrolling their students through OHSU’s NEW Online Portal. If you are unable to enroll for any reason, please call OHSU support at (503) 418-8500.

    • Test Tubes: New, pre-labeled test tubes with a scannable barcode will be mailed directly to your mailing address and should arrive within a week of enrollment. Test kits from last year cannot be used, so please throw them away.

    • Spit Samples: Spit tests can be collected either the night before or the morning of their school’s testing day. Please use this spreadsheet to know what day to drop off your student’s spit sample.

    • Test Results: When the test results are available, you will receive an email telling you to log into the online portal www.labfinder.com/ohsu to view the results.

    • Additional drop-off locations: If you miss your weekly testing day, OHSU has added 3 drop-off sites around the Portland metro area.

      • Doernbecher Child Development Rehabilitation Center - 707 S Gaines Street, Portland, OR 97239

      • Primary Care Clinic at Gabriel Park - 4411 S Vermont Street, Portland, OR 97219

      • Richmond Family Health Center - 3930 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202


    What stays the same?

    • There is no cost to families to participate.

    • OHSU uses highly accurate molecular testing, known as PCR.

    • Students will continue to bring their spit samples to school on the designated testing day.

    • OHSU nurses will call parents of all students who test positive or whose tests are  inconclusive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

    For more information about OHSU's K-12 Screening Program, visit their website at http://www.ohsu.edu/k12testing or contact the OHSU support team at k12covidtesting@ohsu.edu or (503) 418-8500.

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