• Welcome Back

    Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of our Cleveland High School students,

    What an excellent first day of school today!  It has been wonderful seeing all of our Cleveland students, answering their questions, and helping them to find their classes.  

    I shared an email earlier about our additional staffing we received from the district and some schedule changes that happened over the weekend as a result.  Again, let us know what questions you have.  

    Our counselors are working hard to ensure that students have full schedules of 8 classes and they are also enrolling new students.  We are prioritizing newly registered/enrolled students and students with "holes” in their schedules.  Please let your child know they need to attend their scheduled classes until they can meet with their counselor to add or drop a class.  Students have until Monday, Sept. 17th to add/drop a class.  Starting on Friday, August 31st @ 8:00 am, students may come to the Student Service Center, room 226, to meet with their counselor about a schedule change.  Counselors will also be available at lunch, after school and during the period of the class a student is requesting to drop.  Any class changes will require teacher and parent signatures. Please be aware that our enrollment is currently 140 students more than projected last Spring, which is resulting in very few open classes.  As a result, many requests may not work out due to the limited openings.

    I am personally excited to be entering my 2nd year as the principal of Cleveland High School.  Last year I learned a great deal about our school and the community we, the CHS staff, serve. I spent considerable time last year understanding our school systems and building rapport with my staff of approximately 120 people.  In 18-19, I have a goal to spend much more time with our students.  Students will see me in the hallways and in classrooms and I will remain focused on centering their voice.  

    Last week, I facilitated a student panel discussion for our teaching staff.  I wanted all of us to hear from our students about what they appreciate and love about their school AND I also wanted to hear from them about where they think we are falling short.  Our students on the panel were Anika Becker (11th), Maggie McBride (12th), John Pender (12th), Kira Swinth (11th), Justice Tomsen (12th), and Jackson Allen (10th).  They were truly inspiring and shared relevant strategies of how we, the adults, can support them in their learning so that they are ultimately thriving!  In this effort to center student voice, we also have four students on our Site Council who were engaged members during our first annual Site Council Retreat at the Kennedy School in mid-June. They showed up ready to collaborate and share their perspectives and ideas. 

    On another note, I want to share with you that we have several support staff positions posted right now on the PPS Human Resources website.  We like to hire the very best here at Cleveland, so, please help to spread the word that these positions are vacant:

    ·         Full-time Bookkeeper

    ·         Full-time VP Secretary: Testing Coordinator with IT Support

    ·         Half-time VP Secretary: IB

    ·         Full Time Para Professional

    Speaking of new staff, we have hired 18 new staff members since last spring and many are teachers.  I conducted over 100 interviews myself.  So many folks want to work at Cleveland and we were able to hire the very BEST for our students.  I am thrilled about our new staff and expertise they bring to our school culture. 

    As many of you are aware, we are in the process of getting a new turf field at CHS.  The work started in June, including extensive work to address drainage issues.  July brought a stand-still on the installation due to a lack of available licensed installers.  As of today, the contractor has a team that was brought in from Arizona in place and working overtime to complete the installation.  We will most likely need to reschedule our first home Boys Soccer game, but we are hopeful that we will still be able to host our first home Football game on August 31st

    Thank you for your patience with the changes in practice schedules and locations, which has been exacerbated with poor air quality.  Our Athletic Director, Nathan Stanley, continues to work hard to keep the field work moving forward and has done an excellent job of supporting our programs with alternate locations for practice.  If you have further questions, Nathan can be reached at nstanley@pps.net.

    As a parent of two PPS high-school daughters (9th and 11th graders), I am happy to be returning to the routines of school.  I look forward to meeting you, parent(s)/guardian(s), and working together to provide an outstanding education to the children of SE Portland.  Please know that I am always willing to meet, collaborate, and hear your perspective on you and/or your child’s experience at Cleveland.  Let us know what you need.

    With much gratitude,



    Ayesha C. Freeman


    Cleveland High School



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