• Principal's Message November 2, 2018

    Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Cleveland High School,

    It’s unbelievable that we are already one-fourth of the way through our ‘18-19 school year with the end of 1st quarter last Friday, October 26th.  WOW!  I hope your student is having a positive experience here at Cleveland. High school can be a challenging place for young people when it comes to navigating the social and cultural norms.  Know that we have an outstanding Counseling Staff, an excellent Social Worker, a Restorative Justice Coordinator, and many community partners who can support your student.  Please communicate directly with your student’s teachers if you have questions about their learning or grades in specific classes.  Our teachers welcome conversations with parents/guardians about our students’ academic progress. 

    Parent-Teacher” Conferences
    Parent-Teacher conferences are around the corner.  Please see the schedule listed below.  We will have more information posted on our website and I will send out a more detailed message in coming days.
    Monday, November 19th

    Tuesday, November 20th

    CHS Theater Arts Program and Teacher
    I want to let you know that theatre teacher, Mr. Tom Beckett will return to Cleveland next week.   Mr. Beckett will be back on campus on Monday, November 5th and he will reach out to parent(s)/guardian(s) of Theater Arts students in the next week.  He will begin teaching Theater Arts classes on Tuesday, Nov. 13th. I have been going into Theater Arts classes today, November 2nd, to share with students that Mr. Beckett is returning.

    Please know that I am grateful for the patience and flexibility shown by our Theater Arts students the last several months. I look forward to our students' and Mr. Beckett’s continued commitment to our Theatre Program.

    Student Conflict at CHS
    We have about 25-30 students who are impacted by an on-going conflict between this same group of students which is mostly happening outside the school day and off campus.  We have been working diligently this entire week helping our students de-escalate this conflict.  This conflict escalated at the end of last week on Friday night near the McDonald’s on Powell.  Police were called and we have been working to resolve the tension amongst groups of students. 

    At Cleveland, we have asked for additional security presence on campus and we are organizing three Restorative Justice Talking Circles with the two primary groups of students who are involved. “Restorative Justice” is an approach to help anyone, in this case students, resolve their conflicts.  RJ Circles create a safe space for voices to be heard and to repair the hurt and harm that has been done.  We are fortunate to have an masterful RJ Coordinator, Charles Hunter, Sr. in our building, and he is working closely with our administrative team and teachers to help resolve this conflict.

    We, the administrative team and our RJ Coordinator, are calling the parents of students we know who are involved.  Individual student discipline is confidential, however, know that some students have already received school-based consequences since this conflict is having negative implications on our learning environment during the school day.

    Parking on Franklin Street
    Parents, please know that at the end of the school day, we work closely with families of students who have specific needs, and as a result, we have a direct hand-off of some students from our school staff to parents on Franklin Street.   Please do not park along Franklin after school unless you are one of the families who has permission to pick up your child at that location.  Let me or a Vice Principal know if you have questions.

    Thank you for reading this message.  Have a wonderful weekend with your families!

    Ayesha C. Freeman