• Principal's Message December 5, 2018

    To all PPS high school students: 

    You are invited to attend a student led discussion about the Student Resource Officer Program and proposed agreement with the Portland Police Bureau. 

    Portland Public Schools has relied upon school resource officers (SRO) to provide safety and security services in our schools for nearly twenty years. SROs are police officers with the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) who are specially trained to work with student populations and school communities in a restorative justice and trauma informed best practices approach.

    The primary goal of SRO agreements, across school districts nationwide and in PPS, is to formalize the processes and intent by which school district and police bureau staff work together to address safety and security incidences in and around schools. These agreements also outline how student criminal misbehavior is addressed. The priority for PPS and PPB is to avoid referring students to the juvenile justice system whenever possible.

    Work is currently underway to formalize the working agreement between PPS and PPB through the adoption of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). The IGA is scheduled to be considered by the PPS Board of Education in the coming weeks. Before that vote, the Board is interested in hearing students’ thoughts, ideas and concerns.

    Please consider attending this student discussion and sharing your views:

    Thursday, December 6

     3-5 pm

    Blanchard Education Service Center (PPS District Offices)

    501 North Dixon Street in the Board Room

    Representatives from the Portland Police Bureau’s Youth Services Division and SRO program, along with staff and Board from PPS, will be on hand to listen to student feedback, address concerns, and answer questions about the Student Resource Office Program and proposed agreement with the Portland Police Bureau.  


    Ayesha C. Freeman