• Principal's Messages 3/14/2019

    Dear Cleveland Community,


    I want to take a moment to share how exciting it was to be at the Auction with you on Saturday evening.  We, as a Cleveland High School staff, appreciate so much your willingness to step up on behalf of students and all the adults who work with and teach your child(ren).  It was a spectacular night!


    AND, as I said at the Auction, now more than ever we need you.  This year’s staffing reductions, due to a $17 million state revenue shortfall, are feeling deep.  Last year, we were able to offset our reductions with retirements and some resignations.  We are not in the same situation now.  I’ve had to make tough decisions to reduce teaching and support staff across the entire school.  With the CHS Foundation’s help, we are able to maintain a robust “IB for ALL” (all juniors enrolled in 3 IB classes) program and preserve our academic core content courses.  Our CHS Foundation is also focused upon supporting the overall health and well-being of our students through a funding initiative we have been calling “Warrior Wellness.”  Monies raised within our community will help us maintain mental health supports both through classroom instruction and through our Counseling department.  


    Last year, the Foundation was able to raise enough funds for 1.0 FTE (a full time teacher).  At this point, the Foundation is able to commit .67, for which we are grateful, however, it is less than what we need.  I am writing to ask that you still consider a donation to the Foundation so that our staffing reductions do not go as deep as they are right now.  If our Foundation receives additional monies, we would be able to add back additional staffing for next year.


    If you have not already, please consider donating here: