• Principal's Messages 3/14/2019

    Dear Cleveland High School​ Families,  


    We are hearing that students may be planning ​a Climate Strike Walkout on Friday March 15th at 10:00​am.  Please read the following PPS message that all schools hearing of planned walkouts will be sending:


    “While we appreciate and acknowledge students’ free speech rights, as a school and district we understand we must also balance that with students’ right to education. We are not allowed to approve walkouts and protests that disrupt the educational environment.   Students who participate in any walkout ​on Friday​ will be marked unexcused from class, meaning they may not be eligible for sports and similar activities that day. Students could also face typical school consequences for not being in class. Additionally, significant disruptions to the educational environment could also result in disciplinary action in accordance to PPS Student Handbook based on the scope of the disruption. When students walk out of class and leave our property we are no longer responsible for their safety.  It is our expectations that students will return to school following the event.  ​Please make sure to discuss your family’s expectations with your student, if there is a chance they could walk out. 


    A critical part of our work is to support students to be critical thinkers with opinions and ideas backed by their knowledge, experience and interests. We understand the importance of students sharing their views on important issues; we also much ensure safe, robust learning environments for all students in all schools.” 


    We are also sharing PPS guidelines and expectations for teachers who will stay on campus to take attendance and teach students who remain in classes.


    Thank you for understanding our need to balance supporting student free speech/civic involvement with our district’s and school’s responsibility to protect students’ rights to instruction and our obligation to ensure their safety during the school day.



    Ayesha C. Freeman


    Cleveland High School