• Cleveland Families

    April 3, 2020

    Dear Cleveland Families,

    We have had a busy week dealing with the new, unprecedented way that we will be doing learning this month. The biggest message we can send is that we intend to remain “flexible”.  Please have patience with us and know that all will not be perfect and that we may encounter bumps in the road.  Our first, very important goal is to check in on each and every student and their well-being. Next, we need to be assured all students are internet connected. Hopefully, your student has completed our online survey asking about technology needs and access or have already picked up a device if needed.  If not, please respond to this survey here:  https://forms.gle/civ8Tx3scSJry2EE8

    Our teachers have been working diligently to get up to speed on the technology platforms and to redesign their curriculum to fit this new format.  Academics are important, but we all know that we first need to be sure we are all ready to focus on instruction.

    This is the most up to date District information we have to share about instruction for next week.

    • Quarter 3 Grades for High Schools:

    Because of credit issues, high schools will extend the timeframe for Q3 grade entry for high school students to April 13th. Teachers will reach out to students to allow them an opportunity to improve their grade before reporting any report card grades.  Please work with your student’s teachers if you have any concerns in meeting this deadline in these extraordinary times. Please be assured that no student will be penalized for not being able to complete work.

    • We ask for your cooperation in supporting your student’s teachers by monitoring and supporting positive and productive time on screen.  Teachers will provide norms for students to follow while online.

    • A regular weekly schedule of meeting times will be in our next newsletter.  This first week will give teachers more flexibility in reaching out to their classes in preparation for a more structured schedule starting on April 13th. 

    • Special Education students should expect communication from their case managers about how to move forward on individual support and goals in the new distance learning environment. ESL students will also have outreach from their case manager as well.

    • If students need password resets, please let their teacher or counselor know so we can get them set up. 

    Other important information:

    • Information about the new principal selection process  will be announced soon.

    • Access to the CHS building is restricted to custodial staff only at this time.  We will let you know when we will be able to allow your students back in to retrieve their belongings. 

    Everyone at CHS is focused on providing space for your students to find connection, engaging learning and support during this unique time.  Please stay safe and healthy.

    Paul Cook and the CHS Administrative team