• Principal's Update 3/18

    Dear Cleveland Students, Staff, and Families,

    I want to provide you with an update to the graffiti and vandalism that occurred last Saturday here at Cleveland High School. The investigation is still open, and we have been working closely with law enforcement. We have been able to provide law enforcement additional information that has led to a possible suspect. I want to reassure you that there are no indications that any current Cleveland students were involved. We will continue to work with law enforcement throughout the investigation and will provide an update if additional information comes available.

    This week we have been processing this incident as a community. On Monday, our second period teachers read a common message to all students and were provided resources about addressing hate speech and hate symbols. The parent equity group met Monday evening, and during that meeting, I shared with them information about the work we are doing. During our Student Equity Council meeting on Tuesday, the affinity groups voiced their concerns and their call to action in response to the incident. We heard clearly from the Jewish Student Union (JSU) that they feel very strongly about the role of education as a response to this incident. It is so important for our community to understand that antisemitism has existed for ages and still prevails today. Cleveland High School has had other incidents where a swastika has been posted on school property, and the JSU believes that educating our community is what will prevent future incidents. I received feedback from our JSU student leaders on this update so that I could ensure that their strong conviction was conveyed. I am happy that all of our students on the equity council shared with us how they felt and what they wanted to do. 

    As much as everyone may be looking forward to Spring Break, we also know that being away from friends and predictable structures can lead to stress and anxiety. Our students have had a week where they have been navigating the new mask protocol and the hate speech incident in addition to the day-to-day interactions of being a teenager in high school. I know parents have been sent information alerting them to the dangers of fentanyl. The tragic story of the McDaniel students has been published in the news media and our hearts go out to that community and to the families. I wanted to provide parents with some resources to have conversations with their students and to remind everyone of the resources we have available.

    Dangers of Fentanyl Lesson for Students and Families

    A short lesson for parents and kids to open a discussion about the risks of overdose from fentanyl, as well as other drugs, signs of overdose and how to respond to save a life. 

    CDC Stop Overdose page 

    CDC page with information specific to Fentanyl and overdose as well as the dangers of mixing drugs, life saving Naloxone and how to access help.

    Informational Video about Fentanyl

    5 minute video that explains what Fentanyl is, why the risk of overdose is so high, who is at risk and what steps you can take to prevent an overdose and save a life.

    Multi-lingual Flier about Fentanyl and Prevention Strategies


    Español | Spanish

    Tiếng Việt | Vietnamese

    中文 | Chinese

    Русский | Russian

    Soomaali | Somali

    Self Request for PPS Substance Use Counseling Services Google Form

    If you think that your student would benefit from working with a PPS Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, CDAC, to address a pattern of substance use, you or your student can make a referral with the Google form linked above. CADCs can also support families with feedback, resources and referring students to outside treatment. 

    Our students carry so much and are navigating a complicated world. I continue to be impressed with their empathy, thoughtfulness and keen desire to help our community. I wish each of you a restorative Spring Break. 

    Jo Ann Wadkins


    Cleveland High School