• Principal's Update 10/10

    Dear Cleveland Families,

    I hope everyone is well. This update is to highlight some activities that are coming up at Cleveland.


    This Wednesday, October 12, is PSAT day where we will be proctoring this exam for all sophomores and juniors who registered for it. Each year Cleveland has students who are recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program as commended students and semi-finalists based on their PSAT scores achieved in the junior year. It is a school day where attendance will be taken. The school officially ends at 1:30 PM. However, students taking the PSAT may leave after they finish their exam. Students not taking the PSAT may leave after lunch. Their activities for the day include some work to be completed at home.

    Here is a breakdown of the day for the different classes:

    • All 12th graders and 11th graders who DID NOT register for the PSAT will be coming to school at 8:30. Students will sign in on the 1st floor and attend three hour-long College and Career sessions. Students must pre-register for these sessions on Monday and Tuesday and will be able to do so through their PPS email. There are over 15 different organizations coming to provide information sessions and opportunities for students interested in exploring life after high school. Students will be able to complete CRLEs (Career Related Learning Experience) after the sessions are completed.
    • 11th graders who registered in September and ALL 10th graders are taking the PSATs. These students MUST arrive before 8 am. See additional information from our Special Events Coordinator, Jan Watt.
    • 9th graders will be coming to school at 8:30 and meeting in their Academies. Each Academy has a unique half-day plan for students to engage in community-building activities. Academies will be meeting in different parts of the building and off campus. Look for specific details from Academy teachers on Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

    Initial Meeting Place for Each Academy:

    • Pacific: Franklin St Gym Entrance (8:45 departure)
    • Stumptown: Field (SE 31st at 8:45)
    • Tillamook: Auditorium (8:30)
    • Trillium: Library (8:30)
    • Wy’East: Portables on 28th Street (8:30)

    Lunch will be available in the cafeteria for students from 11:30-12:30. Transportation for students in our Intensive Skills Program will receive pick up at 1:30 on Wednesday. 
    Please email Sean Murray (smurray1@pps.net) with any questions or concerns about Wednesday.


    Our homecoming week starts October 17. The advanced leadership class is planning a variety of events to include decorating the halls, making homecoming floats, and hosting a homecoming dance. The homecoming football game on October 21 against Ida B. Wells will start at 6:30 PM at the Cleveland stadium. The dance will be in the gym after the football game and will run from 9:00 -11:00 PM. The leadership class will be selling tickets before school, at lunch and after school starting next week. Students will be asked to sign a pledge about dance behavior. The theme of the dance is Starry Night. As is customary in PPS, our homecoming dance is open to all grades and is for our students only, with no outside guests. 

    SE Powell Blvd. Community Safety Forum

    Oregon State Senator Kathleen Taylor and State Representatives Rob Nosse and Karin Power are hosting a community safety forum on October 20 at 6:00 PM in the Cleveland Auditorium. Representatives will be there from ODOT, PBOT, Trimet and PPS to participate in the discussion. Please come to share your thoughts about safety on SE Powell Blvd.

    Community Safety Forum Flyer

    Student Supports

    Last week we had trained volunteers from the trauma intervention program of Portland/Vancouver here to support students and staff after the tragic death of Sarah Pliner at the intersection of SE Powell Blvd and SE 26th Ave. For some who witnessed the event or responded to the event, the response to the trauma may take time to resolve. As I shared with students and staff on Wednesday of last week, some expected responses to any event of impact in a person’s life might include loss of appetite, being more irritable or grumpy, having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, or avoiding friends or enjoyable activities. Some of this is normal for a short period of time, but if it is impacting your student’s life functioning, please reach out to our counseling staff or any administrator so that we can help your student access the support they need. 

    Jo Ann Wadkins
    Cleveland High School