• Principal's Message 5/3

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    Dear Cleveland Families,

    As we work to support our students in the last few weeks of school, I want to remind you of some of our school policies.
    First, I have heard from parents and staff about the use of cell phones on campus and how that use is distracting from the learning environment. Our staff have been engaged in work to address this issue by reviewing our current policy and drafting modifications to that policy for next school year to give more structure and guidance to students and families. Currently, students are supposed to have their cell phones on silent and put away while in class. Please remind your students of that expectation.
    While we have reminded students that the parking lot on SE 26th across from the main entrance of the school is for PPS staff and visitors only, students continue to park there. We added signage to designate the parking lot and have done random sweeps to have students move their cars. We will now be affixing a warning sticker to the rear passenger window on the driver's side that will serve as a tow warning. If a student parks again after the sticker warning, we will have the car towed. PPS does not provide student parking at any high school campus. While our parking lot may look empty in the morning, we have staff, contractors and visitors who come to the school after the first period of the day who cannot find parking. Please remind your young drivers to find appropriate street parking.
    Finally, we have quarter 4 progress reports being submitted by teachers on May 9. We want to support all of our students to be successful and to earn credit. Attendance in classes is essential to finish the year strong and to access the academic supports in the classroom with the teacher and peers. Attendance includes being in class on time. If a student misses the first 15 minutes of a class every time that class meets, they can be missing up to 45 minutes of instructional time in a week where the class meets three times. In particular, we see students late in the morning and late coming back from lunch. Please emphasize the importance of attendance with your student.
    Please feel free to reach out to teachers, counselors or administration with any concerns or questions you have about your student's progress in these final few weeks. 
    Jo Ann Wadkins,
    Cleveland HS