• Fall Foundation ASK Campaign

    Dear da Vinci Families:

    Greetings! The da Vinci Foundation is excited to kick off their Fall ASK Campaign. With amazingly generous support from all grade levels, last year, the da Vinci Foundation raised $84,655.  Our short term goal is to raise over $20,000 by Friday, December 16th.  This year, Foundation dollars are supporting the following critical positions: 

    • Dance position
    • One section of English Language Arts
    • African Drumming
    • Maintaining our Tech Support position 

    Since July 1, through recurring monthly donations, Challenge Pot Sponsors (donations from $200-2,000), and one time donations, our current 2017-18 Foundation total is $8,255.38. 

    On behalf of all da Vinci students and staff, please join current donors and make a donation today! For the Challenge Pot Sponsor funds to be matched, we need 50 families to join us.  

    Here are viable options:

    Donate directly to All Hands Raised or write a check made out to the “da Vinci Foundation” and give it to Liz or Sheli in the Main Office.

    To use the All Hands Raised website, click on the red DONATE button and make sure you  select "da Vinci Arts Middle School;” You may then chose to either give a:

    • Recurring Monthly Donations: deduct the amount you chose to give ($10, $20, $50 etc.); 
    • One Time Donation: You give an amount that fits your budget 

    Why give to support all da Vinci students? 

    Only with your support are we able to maintain our incredible program beyond PPS staffing allocations. Beth Woods, our da Vinci Spring Auction, and 2017-18 Foundation Chair describes it this way:  

    "This is our family’s sixth and last year at da Vinci. For us, this community is very special and unique. Students are respected and safe, learning is challenging and adaptive, and students experience art as a means to thrive, grow, find their own voices and experience empowerment. Over the years, I have heard countless stories about kids who have come to da Vinci and experienced school differently for the first time in their lives: some find success for the first time; some are seen for the first time; others have their  passion for learning ignited and still others develop deep and lasting friendships for the first time in their lives through shared experiences. At da Vinci, school is more than a learning institution; it is a community where the whole child is recognized. I hope you will join me in helping to continue this for our students today and help build its legacy for future students."

    On behalf of the da Vinci Foundation and all our very deserving students, thank you. It takes a village, and as Nicole Accuardi shared last night at Romeo & Juliet, we are all so fortunate to be part of our amazing communityJoin us, as a proud contributor to the da Vinci Foundation 2017-18 Fall ASK Campaign. 

    Yours Sincerely,

    Beth Woods, Melissa Gaddis, Brian Schaeperkotter, Lara Raban and Fred Locke