• 1st Period Message to Students

    Good morning da Vinci Families,

    I hope you are well, and enjoying this gorgeous sunshine.

    I wanted to share with you that immediately after the daily Bulletin is read this morning at 8:45 am, I am asking teachers to read the following to our students:

    Good morning da Vinci. Today is the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine School shooting. The act of violence resulted in the deaths of 12 students and one staff member. On March 14th, PPS supported students in visibly and safely honoring lives lost to gun violence as a school community. The message from the district about today is different. 

    As the Deputy Superintendent wrote, 'When students choose to leave or walk out during the school day, we are not able to guarantee their safety.' Furthermore, we will be supporting the important learning activities that are planned in classes throughout the day.

    To be clear please understand the following:

    1)     For any student who leaves the building today, an Unexcused Absence will be recorded;

    2)     Any student who impedes the functioning of our school and classroom activities (for example, making a lot of noise so it is hard for others to concentrate) risks having their family called to pick them up;

    3)     Any student who is disruptive today, may lose the opportunity to represent da Vinci in public, such as upcoming field trips like Alvin Ailey, Ashland, and the Eight-Grade Trip.   


    Please know that I value your perspectives, respect your passions, and genuinely believe that you will fully respect one another and our school community. Thank you in advance for being Safe, Fair, and Friendly.     --Mr. Locke 

    Families, thank you in advance for your support.