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    Dear da Vinci Families,

    At 7:15 am this morning, the School Board, the Assistant Superintendent, and the Deputy Superintendent were sent an email message by an ACCESS parent that states: "da Vinci students are posting cruel messages about ACCESS kids on Instagram."

    This unfortunate development in our otherwise heartfelt messages in support of our community is extremely disappointing. To help ALL our students understand that our words and actions matter greatly, I shared this information with our staff. Our Social Studies teachers agreed to share and discuss this with their students today. Specifically, I asked them to HELP ALL of their students UNDERSTAND the following: 

    —It is critical that as an entire community (24/7), our words and actions are respectful, Safe, Fair and Friendly.

    —This unacceptable posting (and any other such negative commentary) critically hurts da Vinci AND IS hurtful to others. 

    Thank you in advance for reinforcing the importance of positive messaging. This is a great learning opportunity for us all. 

    With the recent Spring Dance Concert, the Musical, the GSA Summit, the Visual Art Capstone, and Spring Music Concert on the horizon, we have so much to celebrate. Help us ensure that our art and academic learning speak for themselves, and this always includes our compassion and empathy for all.

    Finally, it behooves us to be positive, patient, and give the district time to respond. As more information is available, I will share it.  

    Thank you for your children, and all you do for our community.