• Visual Art & Writing Capstone!

    Dear da Vinci Families, 

    On Wednesday afternoon, with roses for every Capstone student, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends, celebrated the prolific and wonderful work of our 8th grade Visual Arts and Creative Writing students. In addition to their vibrant, colorful artwork and prose, every artist and writer wrote a statement describing themselves and their art. Their writing is real, humorous, and profound.  The 2D and 3D art embraces you with color, skill, and wonderings. Thank you all for your bold, expressive imaginations and creative talent. Congratulations, Brava, Bravo!

    Earlier on Wednesday, for our May heArt Learning, Advanced Drama students took original monologues by Creative Writing students and created a compelling piece about school cell phone and technology use. The humor, ambiance, and poignant thought-provoking moments captivated the audience. That night, the documentary film Screenagers was very well attended and gave us all excellent information and strategies to find a healthy screen-time balance. Thank you, students and our PTSA. 

    Ms. Wasson’s Ashland Trippers were lauded again for their outstanding behavior and enjoyed three incredibly amazing productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last week. The 6th graders and staff had a great week at Outdoor School as learning and building community took center stage.

    Deputy Superintendent Curtis’ email yesterday was a welcome summary of the continued ACCESS process. From attending the PPS School Board’s Budget Listening session at Martin Luther King (MLK) Elementary on Tuesday evening, I gained a new appreciation for the particular complexity of this important decision. MLK staff and parents implored the Board to move forward with the North and Northeast boundary review process and a Focus Option school review, as current boundaries keep MLK’s enrollment small. Comments from the Boise Elliot-Humboldt community also echoed the persuasive theme that a truly equitable high-quality education is only possible when right-sized schools are a reality. Currently, until these issues are addressed, it’s schools with predominantly underserved Black and Brown students who are most impacted by the need for right-sizing. Compounded by the recent Bond shortfall, and significant cuts to the PPS Central Office, the School Board is grappling with numerous hard choices.  

    Thank you for ALL your advocacy and letters on behalf of keeping da Vinci a shining arts focus option school without having to share our building space. To continue to respectfully advocate for the ACCESS community to be housed elsewhere is entirely appropriate and recommended until a clear decision has been made that enables all school communities to move successfully forward. 

    Thank you for your patience, for expressing your belief in our unique community, and supporting an outstanding and equitable education for all PPS students. 

    Have a great weekend, and strongly encourage your students to do their very best work in our remaining three weeks. 

    Finish strong!