• January 23, 2017

    Dear da Vinci Families,

     I hope that as temps climb, you are well. As the weather has forced us to change performance dates, we appreciate your patience and flexibility. Unequivocally,  it is wonderful to have your children back in school! 

     As we honor Dr. King’s legacy, I offer you two NPR arts related segments. In a brief four minute interview, Photographer Bernard Kleina shares how he documented King’s Chicago Freedom Movement through color photos by accident, as all professional photographers of the day used black and white images for publications. His intent was to clearly demonstrate the peaceful nature of Dr. King’s social justice activism. As he shares, "In Chicago, I was involved in some of the marches and in other marches, I tried to document what was going on," Kleina recalls. "There was a great deal of criticism of Dr. King, saying that he was the one causing the violence, so I wanted to show the truth of what was going on.” He adds the importance of seizing the moment: "I definitely didn't realize at the time I was photographing Dr. King that history was being made," Kleina says. "Even now, it kind of surprises me when I look back at my own images. But I like to tell people that if you wait until you're completely qualified for something, maybe it's too late.” I suggest you listen to the short interview with Kleina and then double click on the Title 

    When King Came To Chicago: See The Rare Images Of His Campaign — In Color and it will open to amazing images of Dr. King. http://www.npr.org/tags/126940356/martin-luther-king-jr

    The second segment, hosted by Michel Martin Going There, is a longer segment on the housing crisis that Dr. King and others chose to fight in 1966 and the impact of their efforts fifty years later. She begins by featuring the Chicago Children’s Choir who sing three outstanding and moving tributes. The “Children” of the Choir look more like high school students but their music is superb so I wanted to share it with you. To listen to the Choir, do the following:

    1) Double clicking on the link, http://www.npr.org/tags/126940356/martin-luther-king-jr  and then click to start Michel Martin’s show. 

    2) After starting the program, then fast forward to 4:15 into the program when she introduces the choir’s three songs. —Enjoy!  

    In tribute to Dr. King’s dream and tenacious work, I share these photographs, songs, and narrative. I am equally thankful for your children, as their vitality, energy, hope, and love of artful learning inspire us. They are our collective future. 

     Here are a few important updates:

    —Our Geography Bee will be on Wednesday, January 25 before lunch.

    —Our Winter Music Concert will be on Wednesday, January 25, at 7:00 pm.

    —The Dance 3-4 Showcase will be on Thursday, February 2, at 7:00 pm.

    —Please see our website Calendar for additional dates and changes. 


    dV Foundation update: 

    Thanks to our generous Challenge Pot Sponsors AND 105 families our da Vinci Foundation balance is now $20,481. 

    --Donations ranged from $5 to $2,000. A very SPECIAL  Thank you to ALL DONORSll!!!

     As "Recurring monthly donors,” 43 families were eligible for our drawing: 

    Congratulations to our randomly selected winners! 

    Wendy Wilcox wins a $30 Gift Certificate Tokens at Staccato Gelato.  

    Debra Michelson is our East Burn winner! 

    To ALL who donated to the da Vinci Foundation this year THANK YOU, your support is awesome and vital to maintain our current program.  

    —If you have not donated yet, every donation helps us reach our 2016-17 goal of $60,000 by June, 2017.

    -- Make a donation right now to support da Vinci (Make sure you choose da Vinci Arts Middle School). 

    This weekend, as I updated my presentation for incoming 6th grade Information Sessions, I loved incorporating new student work. The art and academic work speaks to the passion and richness of our curriculum and the quality of creative learning that is da Vinci.  


    Thank you for your talented children, and for helping to make da Vinci a special place.