• December 27, 2016

    Dear da Vinci Families, 

     I hope you are all well and Happy HolidaysI am writing from Philadelphia and want to update  you on our excellent progress.  

     As of Monday, 12/12, 42 families had donated to our da Vinci Foundation Fall ASK;

    As of Wednesday, 12/14, 65 families had donated;

    As of Thursday, 12/22, 96 families have donated! 

    51 families have now made one time donations;

    33 families have now made recurring gifts;
     —12 families 
    have written checks or given a cash donation.   

    To ALL our 96 Fall Foundation ASK donors, …youre awesome--Thank you! 

    More than our words can express, please know that your generous contributions are so appreciated. 

    Our hope: 

    With over 460 families, to keep our arts focus community vibrant with present levels of staffing, our hope and need is that ALL da Vinci families can contribute at a level that works for them. 

    Why give?

    ·         Foundation funds support our arts program and therefore ALL da Vinci students;

    ·         At the Dance 1-2 Showcase, Claire Olberding, Dance Dept. Chair, shared that if you paid for similar dance training at a private studio the cost, over three years, would be over $5,000.  

    ·         With your support we can continue to have amazing teachers & amazing arts offerings. 

    Our 2016-17 Goal:

    ·         To maintain our current program we need to raise $60,000 by June, 2017

    ·         Every donation makes a difference! 

    ·         Recurring donations thus far have ranged from $10, $25, $50 to $100 per month

    ·         One Time donations have ranged from $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $2,000

    ·         What level works for you?

    All donations are tax deductible:

    ·         To meet our goal of $60,000 by June 2017, we need 100% of our families to make a tax deductible donation. 

    ·         When you give, All Hands Raised sends you are receipt in the mail. 

    ·         YOUR DONATION supplements our PPS budget, AND 

    ·         Keeps our arts program vibrant for YOUR CHILDREN; 

    ·         8th grade families…Your support over three years has been awesome, Thank you!  

    ·          6th & 7th grade families…the arts program your children enjoy next year, depends, in part, on your contributions;

    ·         KEEP da Vinci strong, DONATE TODAY!  

    It FEELS GREAT to be a PROUD da Vinci Foundation donor… JOIN Beth, Jill, Jason Brian, and the other Challenge Pot Sponsors and the 96 donors because 

    “After being a da Vinci parent for four years now, each and every student is such an important part of our da Vinci community. The staff and teachers are experts at understanding our children’s strengths, helping them find their way into the community, and positioning them to flourish during their time at da Vinci.” — Beth Woods

    "We are joining the Fall Ask challenge because what da Vinci has given our family is truly priceless.  Our daughters thrive at da Vinci!  Here they are given tools to learn in a way that makes sense to them. They see that doing their best work brings success and the feeling of pride that comes with that effort is its own reward. Keeping arts integration at da Vinci strong is important to our family, our community and, education as a whole.”   — Jill and Jason Trinchero


    As a parent of a seventh grader, I’m so grateful for our supportive and talented teachers and staff. My daughter is flourishing at da Vinci because her school day is infused with creativity through illustration and dance that keeps her head — and her heart — engaged in learning. —Brian Schaeperkoetter


    give now https://allhandsraised.org/donate/ . Even better, become a monthly donor. Monthly donors are especially valuable to the Foundation because they provide a consistent and reliable source of income. And, monthly giving allows you to spread a larger gift out over the course of a year. It’s easy to do, just sign up online here https://allhandsraised.org/donate


    LAST CHANCE to win two incentives:

     If you sign up as a monthly donor through the month of December, we will put your name into a raffle for some excellent gift certificates from local businesses. 

    ·         How does $30 to Staccato Gelato sound? 

    ·         $50 to East Burn? 

    ·         All current and new monthly donors have a shot at winning one of these prizes!

    Make a donation right now to support every da Vinci student and our amazing teachers! 

    go to: https://allhandsraised.org/donate/  


     HAPPY HOLIDAYSand thank you in advance for joining us !!!

    The entire 2016-17 da Vinci Foundation Donor Family