• December 12, 2016

    Dear da Vinci Families, 

     In the first two weeks of our da Vinci Foundation Fall ASK, 42 families have contributed $3,150. 

    This is AWESOME! THANK YOU to ALL our da Vinci families that have donated to our Fall ASK…Every donation matters, you are keeping da Vinci strong! 

    Last year, during our Fall ASK OVER 90 FAMILIES contributed over $10,000. 

    JOIN US…Here’s why:

    The money you donate to the da Vinci Foundation directly impacts teaching positions and our ability to maintain our current, unique, arts-focused curriculum that makes our school such an amazing place.

     As a parent of a seventh grader, I’m so grateful for our supportive and talented teachers and staff. My daughter is flourishing at da Vinci because her school day is infused with creativity through illustration and dance that keeps her head — and her heart — engaged in learning. —Brian Schaeperkoetter

     Other families, who have chosen to join us as Fall Ask donors agree:         

     “After being a da Vinci parent for four years now, each and every student is such an important part of our da Vinci community. The staff and teachers are experts at understanding our children’s strengths, helping them find their way into the community, and positioning them to flourish during their time at da Vinci.” — Beth Woods

     "We are joining the Fall Ask challenge because what da Vinci has given our family is truly priceless.  Our daughters thrive at da Vinci!  Here they are given tools to learn in a way that makes sense to them. They see that doing their best work brings success and the feeling of pride that comes with that effort is its own reward. Keeping arts integration at da Vinci strong is important to our family, our community and, education as a whole.”   — Jill and Jason Trinchero


    JOIN US…our goal is to have 30 more families donate by Wednesday, 12/14.

    Please Join our FALL ASK and give now https://allhandsraised.org/donate/ . Even better, become a monthly donor. Monthly donors are especially valuable to the Foundation because they provide a consistent and reliable source of income. And, monthly giving allows you to spread a larger gift out over the course of a year. It’s easy to do, just sign up online here https://allhandsraised.org/donate

    Two Incentives to Win

     If you sign up as a monthly donor through the month of December, we will put your name into a raffle for some excellent gift certificates from local businesses. How does $30 to Staccato Gelato sound? $50 to East Burn? All current and new monthly donors have a shot at winning one of these prizes!

    Make a donation right now to support da Vinci! go to: https://allhandsraised.org/donate/  

     Beth Woods, Jill and Jason Trinchero, Brian Schaeperkoetter, da Vinci Foundation Chair

    Claire Olberding & the da Vinci Foundation Challenge Pot Sponsors