• November 20, 2016

    Dear da Vinci Families,
    Good evening, and I hope you are well.  Earlier today, all PPS middle and high school families received the email in green below. PPS recognizes the right of students to demonstrate in support of their concerns. However, our expectation is that students remain safely in school actively engaged in their classes. To further clarify our  expectations, please review the following: 
    • Students will be told to stay in school and those who do choose to walkout will be marked absent. 
    • Staff will not be participating in any walkout. Students leaving school assume responsibility for their own safety. Families releasing their students for participation in a walkout assume responsibility for their safety. 
    • We do encourage students to express their concerns through discussions, research, testimony, lobbying, petitions and demonstrations outside the school day. Teacher facilitated in-class discussions may also be useful, but are at the discretion of the individual teacher. 
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please know that we want your amazing children to be safe.
    Dear PPS Middle and High School Families,


    We are thankful that this week’s student walk out was safe. While we support our students’ right to exercise their free speech, we want to notify you that our partners with the Portland Police Bureau approached us with concerns that there are some outside organizations encouraging students to participate in additional protests next week.


    The police are concerned about the safety of our students if they join any of these outside organizations in their demonstrations. We encourage open debate and dialogue, but in a non-violent manner. 


    We will work to create these opportunities for our students within our schools and encourage you to discuss with your students how to exercise his or her voice in a way that is consistent with your family values and supports our efforts to create safe learning environments for all of our students.


    Thank you in advance for your attention to this important matter,


    PPS Comms



    Antonio Lopez

    Assistant Superintendent