• November 10, 2016

    Dear da Vinci Families,

    I hope you are all well, and we soooo appreciate ALL of you who were able to support your students by attending Conferences. This morning, PPS Communications sent out the email below to all PPS Staff addressing possible concerns that some staff, students, and families may have as a result of Tuesday’s election. If PPS Communications sends out a similar message to families, then I am risking that you will get it twice. That said, because the information is timely and useful, I am sending it to you as written, in the hopes that aspects of it may be helpful. 

    Furthermore, if you or your students have specific questions or concerns, please feel free to respond. We have had an excellent first quarter, and there is much excitement on the da Vinci horizon. Tonight, Portland Playhouse opens with a Shakespeare Evening, and our production of Macbeth will continue tomorrow at 6:00, Saturday at 2:00 pm, and next week as well. We hope to see you there!  

    Have a wonderful long weekend!



    Dear PPS Staff: 

      This was a divisive election, and we have heard that many students and families are feeling concerned and unsafe. At Portland Public Schools, we believe in equity and the human dignity of all people and our main responsibility is to ensure the safety of our students and staff and we will continue to work hard to fulfill that responsibility to our kids. 

    As we move forward, you may be trying to figure out how best to support your students and colleagues. We have put together a few suggestions and resources about how best to respond to concerned staff, students, and families with their feelings after the election.  

    As school staff, this could be an opportunity to discuss how to disagree and resolve conflict respectfully. More specifically, this is a time to reinforce a caring community in our classrooms and schools.

    Please think about how you can listen, show compassion, and create space for students and families. They may need resources, time to connect with one another, assurances from staff that they are welcome and valued members of your community.

    Additional articles/lessons:
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    •    In other election news: First Somali-American Muslim Woman LegislatorFirst Formerly Undocumented Immigrant in Congress (and First Dominican-American), Three Asian American Women in the U.S. Senate (First Thai American, First Indian American, Second Black Woman in the Senate), First Latina in the Senate

    Supports and Resources
    •    Human Resources and the Employee Assistance Program for staff related issues
    •    Student Services for student support needs
    •    Office of School Climate and Discipline for school climate and disciplinary issues

    Antonio Lopez 
    Assistant Superintendent, Office of School Performance

    Chris Russo
    Assistant Superintendent, Office of Teaching & Learning