• Musicians Shine!

    Musicians Shine!
    Dear da Vinci Families,
    In a very full auditorium last Wednesday evening, with exuberance and skill, da Vinci music students gave a memorable performance. Beginning Band set a high standard as it played four eclectic selections and all other groups followed suit. Playing their instruments for the first time, Mr. Gerolami commended his Beginning students for their accelerated learning. The After School Jazz Combo, produced a rich sound that showcased considerable talent and groove. Trogdor,’s renditions of Feel the Pain by Dinosaur Jr., The Beatles’s A Day in the Life, and Heart of Glass by Blondie, had many in the audience keeping time in their seats to exacting chords and clear, heartfelt vocals. To close the first half, Term African Drumming students played Sinte: Celebration Rhythm from Guinea. Playing by themselves, the polyrhythms were crisp, sharp, and played with focus, smiles and flair.
    After Intermission, the 41 voice Choir offered the audience a gentle, soothingly sonorous sound. The blended harmonies and dynamics showcased the skill and focus of this talented group. With  The Water is Wide, Maybe I’m Amazed, and One Voice, they established subtle clarity while singing out in full voice. Closing with the beautiful and rich Africa, reminded us all of the simple elegance of collective choral voice. 
    After a lovely duet by Hannah Ernst and Anja Zehntbauer, the Advanced Band closed the show. The varied selections played with assurance, skill and fun, demonstrated how, over three years, Mr. Gerolami has grown a formidable and pleasing sound. From James Bond, to Zydeco Cajum Crawdad DanceThe Tempest, Challenger Point and finally Freedom’s Light, the Advanced Band showed breadth, poise, and the enjoyment of a schooled ensemble.  
    Special Thanks to Ms. Daley, Julie Wright, Elaine Ko, Alicia McMillen and Kevin Conroy whose Green Room supervision made the Concert possible, and congratulations to  Ms. Daley who helps with Trogdor, Hakim Muhammad for African Drumming, and Mr. Gerolami whose international teaching and performing experience is growing and building da Vinci’s unique and impressive music program. 

    On Friday, Dance 4 students enjoyed a wonderfully challenging Master Class by two of the professional dancers from Ballet Boyz. Don’t miss the Dance 3-4 Showcase this Thursday, 2/2 at 7:00 pm which showcases our upper level students in an informal Lecture Demonstration setting. 
    Brava, Bravo music students and staff…Thank you for such a great evening of music!