• Muses, Budget, and RAFFLE!

    Greetings da Vinci Parents,
    Last Thursday and Friday evenings, da Vinci Masters’ Drama students, were “front, center, and brilliant!"
    Nine Muses
    Performing five hours of tragedies and comedies, that the students edited and directed, Masters Drama students entertained and amused their audience with wit, humor, and beguiling plots as they performed Nine Muses: Modern Plays From Classic Myths by Wim Coleman. As Ms. Accuardi explained on Thursday evening, most students played three or four roles, and with costumes, lights, and sound, their performances were terrific! The maturity, skill, staging, and costuming transported you to Ancient lands where Gods and Goddess’s ruled, and mortals merely existed. The twists and turns of Coleman’s fantastical journeys was from start to finish delightful brilliance.  Brava, Bravo Ms. Accuardi and students, THANK YOU All for your amazing, and inspiring work! 
    District Funding 2017-19 
    I wanted to share that the Governor’s proposed Budget, followed by the January 19th “Co-Chairs” budget for the 2017-19 Biennium is substantially less than what educators hoped for. 
    To maintain the current level of service across the state would require a $8.4 billion budget. Governor Brown’s December Budget was just over 8.0 billion, and the Co-Chairs January budget was just 7.7 billion. This proposed budget decrease is significant. School districts are lobbying hard for a budget increase for the 2017-19 biennium but it is widely expected that all schools will be forced to make cuts to make up for the state budget deficit.  Within the next two weeks, principals are expected to receive their PPS staffing allocation for the 2017-18 school year. I will keep you posted as I am able. 
    Supporting the da Vinci Foundation & RAFFLE Update! 
    In the past, the da Vinci community has generously rallied to ensure that we can maintain current levels of staffing. Where are we now?
    1. BEFORE the budget shortfall, to maintain present levels of staffing our goal was to raise $60,000. 
    2. As of January, we have raised $25,000. 
    3. If we sold all 1,000 RAFFLE Tickets, we would raise an additional $9,000. 
    4. We have sold 275 Raffle Tickets. 
    With your support, we can sell 1,000 Tickets: 
    1. If you have NOT entered the drawing to win $500, $250, or $100, the Main Office will happily sell you tickets. 
      1. IF EVERY da Vinci family does this, WE CAN support our amazing school and reach our goal of selling all 1,000 tickets.
    2. PARENTS, PLEASE TAKE TICKETS TO WORK, and give your co-workers a chance to support your amazing children and Win Cash!
      1. One parent has taken 100 tickets and is confident that she can sell them all. The Main Office is happy to give you tickets to sell. 
    3. FAMILIES, in support of your children, sell them to your friends and neighbors.  
    What does your support buy? 
    1. Feel great by joining our Foundation TEAM of contributing members. You will have done your part to keep da Vinci a thriving arts focus school.  
    2. Keep three styles of Dance…Every year the Foundation funds our Dance Program and other staff;
    3. Maintain reasonable class sizes. 
    4. Incentive: Any Family that sells 50 tickets will earn a $50 Gift Card. 
    Do your part and BUY TWO OR MORE RAFFLE TICKETS TODAY! EVERYONE wins, as we maintain our amazing school community!
    The drawing is Friday, March 3, at 4:30 pm. You need not be present to win. 
    Thank you in advance,
    The da Vinci Foundation Team