• Visual Art & Writing Capstone 2017, Brilliant!

    Dear da Vinci Families,

    After winning 155 visual art Scholastic Art & Writing Awards school-wide, it is not surprising that the 8th grade Capstone Show is outstanding! 

    Kelda, Jessica, Chelsea, Alison, Austin, and eighth grade Visual Arts and Creative Writing students invite you to enjoy the 2017 da Vinci Arts Middle School Capstone Exhibition. Now open in the Connie Cheifetz Gallery, the rich and creative artwork and artist statements are inspiring. The 2D images, the 3D soft and hard pieces, textile work, photography and creative writing, collectively speak to the time, passion and importance of sharing art. The teachers have a simple request: “Think about what these young artists and writers are communicating through their work.” Absorb their honest, fun and profound insights—their hearts and minds are open. 

    This year’s Capstone Exhibition is dedicated to our loving teacher, friend, artist, mentor, and colleague Jasmine R. R. Spiegel. In short, Jasmine would be thrilled with this "wonderful outpouring of creativity,” writes Kelda. Their collective work tells their story. With themes like “abstract nature, animals, playlist of songs, color, study of the face, fantasy, characters, magic, surrealism, fiber, global faces, moods and emotions, and with inspiration from Ansel Adams, the Renaissance, Vivian Maier, and Diego Rivera the pieces demonstrate creativity, skill, research and voice. 

    On Sunday, April 30, two da Vinci visual art students were honored by the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Eighth graders Sophia Date and Tess Kelleher won First and Second Place respectively in the Middle School competition. The Sala Kryszek Art and Writing Contest honored 20 middle and high school students who responded to the following prompt: How could the Holocaust happen in a country like Germany, a country with abundant education and people who achieved great advancements in science, art, music, literature and philosophy? Do you think that something like this still happens in the world today? What steps can you take now and in the future to offset these events from taking place? Using what you have learned about the Holocaust, create a piece of writing or a work of visual art that reflects your response to the above questions. The resulting art and writing was powerful, evocative, and stunning. Notablely, Jasmine Spiegel’s aunt, Elaine Bacharach Coughlin, is the Board President of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Thank you for your excellent art and scholarship, and congratulations to Sophia and Tess. 

    The Capstone Reception Celebration is on Wednesday,  May 31, 3:30-4:30 pm. Please join us! In addition, the visual art and creative writing students have collaborated with performing art students on the Capstone Performance this year. In the Capstone Performances on June 2nd and June 9th, you may notice that many of the props, visual projections, song lyrics, costumes, theatrical lines, characters, settings, masks, wigs, etc. are contributions from the visual art and creative writing students. Please use this link to check out some of the work you might see in the performances this year here. 

    We hope you enjoy the Capstone Exhibit and Capstone Performances this year! We can’t wait to share our collaboration with you! 

    Check out the visual art portfolios on the links provided below. Kids love and value your feedback, so please share your thoughts! 

    Austin's website, 2D art Capstone Portfolios, and Instagram

    Kelda's Website, 3D art and Textiles Portfolios, and Instagram