• Musicians Shine & Capstone Opening!

    Dear da Vinci Families,


    Last Thursday, Beginning Band, Jazz Band, Trogdor, African Drumming Ensemble, Choir and Advanced Band, skillfully played and sang their way into the hearts of a large, appreciative, and enthusiastic crowd. The wonderfully eclectic Spring Music Program was memorable. 


    As Music Director Mr. Mark Gerolami shared throughout the concert, “each ensemble made great gains and collectively they were a pleasure to work with.” The level of difficulty by both Beginning and Advanced Bands was impressive, and it was very cool that 7th grader Mason McKinney-Best conducted the Beginning Band in Baroque Celebration. African Drumming students played great, and having teacher Hakim Muhammad join them for the finale was special! Spring Trogdor showcased new and familiar faces, and Sara Daley and Mark did a fabulous job showcasing their considerable talents. The Choir, singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah to closing with The Parting Glass arranged by Audrey Snyder received roaring approval as sonorous soloist and ensemble harmonies filled the auditorium. Brava, Bravo Mark, Hakim, Sara, and students for a brilliant evening of music!


    Today, from 3:30-4:30 PLEASE JOIN US for the 8th grade Visual Arts & Creative Writing Capstone Opening! 82 Visual Artists, and 10 Creative Writing students have created and presented their best work and it is exceptional! Meera Kreitzer, our Senior Director, after touring the exhibition, said “it was amazing, and the whole show should be on display at the BESC district administrative building.” She loved the richness, the distinctiveness of the art work, and the informative artist statements. She was equally impressed by the powerful, humorous, and raw heartfelt creative writing that goes far beyond their years. CONGRATULATIONS, and ultimate Kudos to Kelda, Jessica, Alison, Jasmine, Chelsea, Austin, and students for a wonderful exhibition. The team is dedicating this show to our beloved Jasmine R. R. Spiegel, and her parents will be in attendance. Awesome! 


    In other news, a huge THANK YOU to ALL of the eighth grade parent chaperones that made the Great Wolf Lodge Trip a major success. With high expectations, and friendly reminders from me and Sheli Bryan, Daniel Boettcher, and Heidi Sprecher, our students were strong da Vinci ambassadors and had a great time. Staff and parents completely appreciated the good spirits, cooperation, and fun that was had by all! 


    Don’t miss performing arts Capstone Show A from 1:00-3:00 pm Friday, June 2, and Capstone Show B on Friday, June 9th, at the same time. 


    Thank you for your wonderful children, and please help them finish strong!