• Capstone & Foundation ASK...

    Dear da Vinci Families, 

    I hope you are all well.  

    Visual Art and Creative Writing Capstone 

    Yesterday afternoon, the Connie Cheifetz Gallery in the main Hall was a buzz of excitement and celebration for the 8th grade Visual Art and Writing Capstone exhibition opening.  Each Capstone student received a rose, and as students, parents, teachers, and friends mingled, the celebratory atmosphere was joyous and fun! Numerous parents commented on the outstanding work, and the rich diversity of expression and talent. From artist statements that described process and inspiration, to favorite destinations captured in black and white images, weaving, ceramic pieces, sculptures, painting, drawings, prints, prose and poetry, this accomplished work was outstanding!  Congratulations students and staff, Brava, Bravo! 

    Foundation ASK…

    As I shared at the Music Concert, this year budget cuts have demanded that we dig deep to retain as much of our current program as possible. The good news is that we have raised $69,163. This exceeds our initial goal of $60,000 but falls short of our revised goal of $80,000, once the extent of the cuts were known. 

    In the next two weeks, e hope to get as close to $80,000 as we can. To be specific, for the 2017-18 school year, our Foundation funds will help support the following positions: Math, English Language Arts, Dance, African Drumming, Library and a half of a secretarial position. Simply put, we need your continued support, and any and all donations: $10, $25, $50,  $100, $500 or more make a huge difference. 

    As outgoing 8th grade families have been particularly generous, having new 6th grade families join us to achieve 100% participation would be awesome! 


    • Paul King and Walter Jaffee of White Bird have generously donated a pair of excellent tickets to an upcoming show for their 2017-18 Whitebird Season. For any donation that is $100 or over, your name will be entered into a drawing that will take place on Monday, July 3, 2017.

    I strongly believe in our art focus da Vinci community. Please join me in writing another or a first Foundation check, and asking a relative or friend to match your donation. Donations to the foundation can also be made online.

    Thank you for your amazing children, and thank you in advance for supporting their most valued da Vinci education!