• September 27, 2018

    Dear da Vinci Families,
    Thank you for coming to Back to School Night, It was great to see you! I know teachers were excited to share an overview of the learning your students will engage in this year, and I appreciate the poise, and sense of being part of our da Vinci family that has emerged in these early weeks.  Collectively, we all make this a special place for your children to learn, work diligently, and grow. If you were unable to attend, here is the link to my Google Slides presentation. Here is a link to Counselor Katie Loewen’s webpage.
    With Locker Painting coming soon, here is some critical information. 
    Painting Lockers is a storied da Vinci community building tradition. As the upstairs lockers are old and have been painted for 21 years, to preserve them, we have been advised that we must strategically treat our one of a kind painted lockers with love and care. In addition to having broken lockers repaired, we are making slight adjustments to our “Locker painting” process. Your support and cooperation is critical as we move forward. On Friday, when students get their Locker Painting Design sheets, they will be asked to incorporate the following slight changes:   
    1. Students will ONLY DESIGN and PAINT the door of their locker;
      1. If students design more than one locker as a group, they will be allowed to carefully paint the adjacent frames.
    2. After students have finished painting, volunteers will paint the locker frames black to frame their design. Our hope is that this will minimize paint dripping and sticking the lockers shut, and it should also make it easier for students to open and close their doors. Our plan is that the black frames will not have to be painted each year, but only touched up. 
    3. ALL 3rd floor LOCKER HANDLES will be TAPED and NOT PAINTED prior to student painting. The 1st floor combination space will also be taped and is NOT to be PAINTED. By not painting 3rd floor locker handles, they should continue to function as is--without undue stress.  

    When: Friday,  Sept. 29th
    What: During 1st period students will learn about how to correctly design and later paint their Lockers.
    Monday, Oct 2:
    1. All CLASSIC Lockers and any other Lockers that are not to be primed MUST have SIGNS on them. 
    2. At 3:15 pm ALL students with Lockers on the 3rd Floor, will be asked to Take their locks and ALL valuables HOME. We NEED to have Locker Doors OPEN to prep them. 
    3. As soon as their locker door is primed, they will be able to use their Locker again.  
    When: Monday, Tuesday & Wed Evenings, 3:30 onwards (Oct. 2,3,4)
    What to bring: Painting clothes, favorite brushes, and painting rags
    We have: Primer, rollers, some brushes, and tape. 
    Our TASK:
    1. We will PRIME ALL non CLASSIC locker doors with white primer (as described above, the Locker frames will be painted AFTER students have finished painting their locker doors.  
    When: Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 3:30 onwards 
    1. TAPE ALL THE TARPS DOWN to protect the floors; 
    2. On Tuesday, TAPE ALL the 3rd Floor LOCKER HANDLES in preparation for painting on Wed.
    Thank you in advance for signing off on your student’s Locker Design, and supporting this exciting process.
    PLEASE SIGN UP to help PRIME or TARP at the following LINK: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f45a5a82faaff2-locker1
    —Last year we had a wonderfully awesome and efficient team—it is TOTALLY fun! 

    Your support makes this great artistic learning experience possible.