• Getting Ready for Locker Painting!

    Good morning da Vinci Families, 
    A huge THANK YOU to ALL the amazing volunteers who helped prime student Lockers last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Ms. Shumway’s 6th grade classes ALL wrote Thank Yous, and here two. Thank you to all of Ms, Shumway’s students for writing such thoughtful letters—they are wonderful! 
    “Dear Locker Priming Parents,
    Thank you for taking your own time to come and help us in the process of painting our lockers. Now everyone has a blank canvas and an opportunity to create art. We appreciate you coming so much. Thank you, we are extremely grateful."
    "Dear Locker Priming Parents,
    Thank you so much for creating a white canvas for us to paint our locker designs on. You guys really helped this happen and it means so much to us. Thank you for spending you time and contributing to the da Vinci community."
    To protect the floors from paint, TARPING is essential. We have tarps and tape, it is a big job, and so far we only have 6 folks signed up. 
    We would love to have your support; Here is the LINK to sign up http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f45a5a82faaff2-locker1 OR just come and join us!!! We will start at 3:30 and work until we are finished. If you can spare an hour or more we love to have you join us. Many hands make light work. 
    We hope to see you After School.
    Thank you much,