• Reacting to the Events of January 6: A Message from Superintendent Guerrero

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    Dear PPS Families,

    I join all those in public education across the country who denounce the attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday. The violent and ultimately failed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was traumatic to witness for all of us, including our students, but I remain optimistic about their future and our country’s.

    If we want to champion positive transformative change, we have to fight misinformation with education and support the principles of a just democracy. We stand with our students, families and communities in the journey for a better future for everyone.  

    This fall, in a collective effort to support students, staff and families we released a 2020 Election Tool Kit. I want to encourage you to revisit the information and resources contained in the tool kit and encourage the PPS community to continue to come together to support one another by reminding us that we have the power to make a difference and contribute to the community we want to cultivate and support.  

    Despite the chilling images of violence and unrest that we witnessed yesterday, I remain optimistic about the power of democracy and our role as educators to support it; it is true that education is the very bedrock of democracy. Educators have the opportunity to support our students’ understanding of our democracy and to help them obtain objective knowledge of current events and the outcomes of elections. We are sharing a number of resources for school staff to best engage students in the aftermath of yesterday’s events.

    Although the start to 2021, after an incredibly challenging 2020, is disappointing, I believe we will get through this together and emerge from our trials and obstacles stronger because of the strength of our community and care for one another. 

    Guadalupe Guerrero