• FPE Newsletter for the week ending 4/12/19

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    Thanks to Aaron Martini and everyone who made our Science Fair such a success!  We had a fabulous turnout, packing the gym with hundreds of exceptional projects, proud students, and their parents.  Please see Dr. Martini's blurb, below, for a complete set of Thank You's, as well as pix of the event.  Deb Crews started this Science Fair four years ago, and it's just taken off tremendously.  I can't wait to see what next year's Science Fair and EXPO will bring! 

    This week we said goodbye to Ms. Zhang, our Mandarin teacher.  Our partnership with the Confucius Institute has meant that Chinese language and culture is live within our school.  Ms. Zhang made this happen for us over the past two years.  She is irreplaceable!  One great aspect to this year's Science Fair was our Skype conversation between our school and Canglang Experimental School in Suzhou, China.  Ms. Zhang made that happen.  Our next Skype opportunity will be during the International Festival in May.  It's my hope that we can see Ms. Zhang again as we connect digitally with China.  Please join me in giving Ms. Zhang a big thank you and wish her well in her next steps as a middle and high school teacher.

    Calendar Alert:  We have three makeup days (June 10-12) listed on the district calendar, days available to be used when needed. PPS will use two of those days to make up two snow days on June 10 and 11. Adding these two days at the end of the academic year enables us to restore instructional hours that were lost to weather in February.  

    I want to thank our Friends of Forest Park Elementary for their commitment of $175.000 that will augment the FPE program for the 2019-2020 School Year.  Join me on April 18th @ 6:30pm for my Spring State of the School Address.  My presentation will focus on staffing allocations provided by PPS for the upcoming school year based on student enrollment projections.  At that time I will also share how your donations will be used to support student learning.  

    Our next FPE Parent Info Night will be 4/24 with Dr. Scott Spencer at 6:30pm in the FPE library.  Dr. Spencer is a Pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of the NW.  His presentation is titled Responsible Media Use. Join us!

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    Lisa Newlyn, Principal

    Dear Parents and Families,

    What a beautiful day for our annual Fun Run!  Lots of sun, cool breezes, and kids ready for some fun on the track - all for the support of art programming at Forest Park.  Thank you for your support, whether you were able to volunteer or cheer, your pledge of support for each lap run helps bring local artists to our school.  Kinder's have a residency with NW Children's Theater and saw a performance at the Oregon Children's Theater.  The 1st Graders will learn their own special moves with BodyVox.  2nd Graders created dreamy watercolors with Lisa Manning.  3rd, 4th, and 5th graders visited the Portland Art Museum.  2nd and 5th graders viewed Flora and Ulysses play.  Bus transportation is provided to off-site arts events.  We are still booking activities into the spring and look forward to more next year.  Thanks Stef and Sarah for making Fun Run '17 a success!

    Thank you to all of you who attended Thursday night's Spring State of the School Presentation.  My presentation is available online with active links to referenced information.  Full video (1:04min) is available here.  Whether you came Thursday night or not, I encourage your feedback and questions: lnewlyn@pps.net.

    Parent Input for Building Class Lists 2017-2018

    Teachers will be bringing to your attention next year’s class assignment process. To reinforce what you will hear from them, I want to let you know how teachers will be formulating class lists for next year, together with my administrative oversight and approval.  The class assignment process is a long and involved one.
    K-4 teachers and I spend a great deal of time looking at each student to determine what type of classroom environment is going to best suit his/her needs.  After deliberating as individual teachers they meet as a grade level team to form sections that are balanced by gender, racial affinity, skill levels and individual needs.  We realize there are occasions when we feel some students should not be placed in the same classroom.
    Your teachers will not be assigning students to specific teachers for next year, they will only be making the appropriate number of heterogeneous class groups. I will make the final decision about teachers for each of those groups. If you would like to bring something to my attention to assist me/teams in placing your child, please put it in writing without naming a teacher, requesting a student not be placed with a certain teacher, specifying the gender or describing his/her physical characteristics.
    A majority of families do not submit input, but if you feel you would like to do so, I need to receive that input by May 15th.  If I receive written input with a request for a specific teacher, the input will not be considered. I review the lists several times before they are finalized. We all work exceedingly hard at balancing all of the aforementioned factors, and by the time we have finished we feel very strongly we have come up with classroom compositions which will make for a successful year.  Unless we have overlooked something in a student’s placement that we feel merits a change, all class assignments are final.

    After our feedback window has closed, I'll share classroom assignments and details to our end of year routines, particularly Move Up Day on 6/2/17. 
    Please let the office know if your child(ren) will not be returning to Forest Park in the fall. This is particularly helpful information to have as we work to balance classes and build program for next year.


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