• Attention AP Test Takers!

    Upcoming AP testing Pre-Admin Session required

    WHO:  All students who are taking an AP exam

    WHAT:   Mandatory Pre-Admin session for all students who are taking an AP exam.  You must come and fill out your demographic information in preparation for the upcoming AP exams.

    WHERE: Seniors in the Library and Sophomores and Juniors in the cafeteria

    WHEN: Tutorial time on Wednesday, April 24th

    WHY:  Because it is necessary to take the tests


    *If you have an athletic event or home sick during tutorial on the 24th, please come to the upper cafeteria (outside of counseling office) the following morning, April 25th between 9:15 and 10 to complete this task.  If necessary your parent can come in an complete the form for you.  The info that is needed is to complete the paperwork is: