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    Dear Glencoe Families,

    I am excited to tell you about a new Social-Emotional Curriculum we will be introducing our students to next week. You child will be introduced to the 12 Tools of Toolbox. These are tools that reside inside each of us and help us develop strong social/emotional skills and meaningful, satisfying relationships. During the remainder of the year, your child will learn about the tools through lessons and class discussions.

    The tools are simple, but they require practice, practice and more practice. We plan to introduce two tools a month, January – April, and work diligently to model them as adults at every turn. I invite you to support your child in learning and practicing these Tools at home and talking with them about what they are learning about the Tools in school. Be sure to ask you child about the hand gestures that go with each tool. You will find that using the Tools yourself and inviting your child to use them at home will help create a stronger relationship with your child. I will include information about the Tools in my newsletters as they are introduced.

    As our teachers wrap up this second grading period they are also finishing projects and completing another round of assessments for report cards. Classroom teachers continuously monitor their student’s progress in learning in order to adjust their lessons and provide additional support to students where needed. They use this information to make short-term instructional decisions, modify their lessons and teaching strategies and assess how students are progressing toward grade level standards.

    Many of you may have read the letter from Deputy Superintendent Yvonne Curtis that stressed the need--more than ever--for every student in grades 3-12 to take our state standardized tests. Our state tests (referred to as SBAC) provide us another measure of what our students can do in comparison to other students in our district, state and country.

    Schools and districts use this data to make decisions about current instructional practices as well as curriculum and program supports. As a district, we are asking our families to provide our children with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in this way. The truth is, at an elementary level, we should begin to expose our students to these test taking opportunities. It is a skill that they will be asked to demonstrate through their educational career and in the process of applying for jobs.

    The more students that participate in this opportunity, the more realistic picture we get on how our school is performing in comparison to other schools. This data helps us to determine our schools’ strengths and where we need to focus our energy for improvement. Our students will begin state testing after Spring Break. If you have any questions about the state test or the process feel free to reach out to Sara Gardner, our school counselor and testing coordinator or me.

    Last but not least, a message from our district: Portland Public Schools is interested in learning about your child’s experience in before and after school care. Please complete this survey by Friday, January 18, and for best results, complete one survey for each child. Survey link.

    Warm Regards,

    Lori Clark


    2019 TAG testing for Glencoe will be on February 5th & 7th. If your child requires additional testing for TAG identification (that's everyone who filled out the nomination form and did not take the SBAC), a proctor will be pulling students from class on these 2 days. The proctor makes the schedule.  We do not have exact information of time(s) and day(s) for your specific child. So, it's important that your child is at school on time for both of these dates.


    Just a reminder that we changed the sign-in procedure to a paper form so we know who is in the building during school hours. Whenever you are in the building during school hours for a meeting or to help in the classroom, please sign in at the office and get a visitor/volunteer badge. This does not apply to morning drop off.


    For the month of December, we worked on our soccer skills of kicking, trapping, shooting, and dribbling.  We also completed a teamwork challenge called Cross The River.  It is wonderful to see the students collaborate, persevere and succeed!  We also played some fun scooter board activities including, Mario Cart, scooter basketball, scooter soccer, spider-man tag, scooter hockey, and Car & Truck Drivers.  This week we started our jump rope unit and worked on turning and jumping in a long rope, as well as our individual rope skills.  Students are welcome to bring in their jump ropes from home to use in PE. 

    Don't forget to check out pictures on my website: https://mslilepe.weebly.com/photos.html And my monthly fitness challenges can also be found on my website under the Class Info tab.   


    All after school classes information can be found online. Each class has a link to the after school program registration page.

    PTA uses Konstella and Facebook to communicate announcements and reminders to families. You can change the notification settings in Konstella to suit your needs. If you have trouble accessing Konstella please reach out to Amanda Shwetzer or Rachel Allen.  

    Glencoe's final Clothing Center date is 2/11/19 and we still need 2 more volunteers.  Please sign up on Konstella.

    Please check the Lost and Found for any coats, hats, gloves and lunchboxes that go missing.


    STEAM Night is Friday, May 17, 2019 @5:30 PM. Our next meeting is February 7th at 2”30-3:30 PM in the library. Not able to attend the meetings but you have really good ideas and/or access to potential resources for this event?  Contact Amanda Shwetzer OR Lisa Davidson.


    Art Infusion Needs Volunteers!


    The next Art Infusion volunteer training takes place Tuesday, January 15th at 6:30 pm.  New volunteers are WELCOME!  This is a great program and an opportunity to bring more art into Glencoe classrooms. 


    Lessons for this month:

    Kindergarten: Snow People (watercolor, markers)

    First & Second Grades: Aboriginal Art (Tempera paint)

    Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades: DaVinci (pencils)


    This month it’s the Third Grade parents’ turn to bring snacks. As usual, the training takes place in the cafeteria and free childcare will be provided in the play court.


    The deadline for completing the January lessons is Feb. 8.


    If you can’t make the training session, you can still help out in the classroom.  Questions?  Email Rebecca atrebecca@revolutionpr.com