• Glencoe Weekly Newsletter

    Dear Glencoe Families,

    I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying your first few days of summer. With the privilege of working from home this summer I am trying to work more as I sit outside in the fresh air. I never realize how much I miss being outside until I have the opportunity to do so.

    I promised to keep you apprised of any changes this summer which is the purpose of this newsletter. As a reminder, districts across the state had to readjust their budgets at the beginning of June due to the decrease in budget projections. All schools in PPS were asked to redo their programming for the 2020-21 school year based on changes to the staffing formulas. You may have heard that PE was going to be cut across the district from 90 minutes a week to 60 minutes a week for many schools. Fortunately, this did not materialize and all students will continue to have 90 minutes of PE a week. However, there were changes to teacher:student ratios and the amount of SIA funding being provided to districts. Originally, the Student Investment Account (SIA) funds from the State were earmarked to support social-emotional supports like counselors and social-workers in all schools and were being used to reduce class size in some schools, like Glencoe. Thankfully, we are still allocated funds for a half-time counselor but we will be losing one teaching position originally given to alleviate class size in the 4th grade.   Due to projected numbers of students and a change in the staffing formula, we will now have two sections of 4th grade (not three) that will be taught by Ms. Bernt and Mr. Webster. With Ms. Richards’ retirement, we will not lose any current staff at Glencoe thankfully. Mrs. Maestas will stay in Kindergarten for this coming year and the person we hired to fill that Kinder position, will return to a teaching position at her school.

    At this point we know what our staffing will look like and we are waiting for clear guidelines for a fall opening. All school districts are required to make Operational Blueprint(s) for all of their schools no later than August 15th, submit them to ODE and post them on their websites.  Our district is partnering with several health and community organizations such as OHSU, Keiser and the local MESD to ensure health and safety requirements are followed.  In addition, the district has organized several planning committees that are working diligently to create a blueprint specifically for our district. Each committee has a particular focus that includes health/safety, staffing/union relations, equity, operations, curriculum/instruction/professional development, daycare and after school programming. The hope is that we have a few plans to review and provide feedback by mid-July before a final blueprint is established. 

    With a variety of things still up in the air one thing is for sure, the opening of school will look different than it ever has before. Due to this and the many unknowns, we are holding off on sending our mid-summer mailing that includes class assignments, school supply lists and teacher introductory letters. I know we are all anxious to know what the future will bring for our school community. Once again, we must practice patience and grace as we wait for a clear plan to be established. So for now, let’s just enjoy our summer and additional time together with our families. 


    Lori Clark

    Glencoe Principal