• Glencoe Weekly Newsletter

    Dear Glencoe Families,

    We have come to the end of our Soft Start schedule and teachers are ready to move into our Comprehensive Distance Learning schedules. By now you have met with your child’s teacher, your child has participated in some daily class meetings and practiced completing some activities in Seesaw.    All of this is not without effort on everyone’s part so I want to say thank you to all of you, your child(ren) and our staff. This year will definitely be a collective adventure. 

    On Monday, we are actually starting our new school year and it is likely to be more challenging than any we have experienced in our lifetimes. Educators are teaching in ways that are new and different.   Students are learning from home, which is a new experience for most. And, families are worried and concerned about doing what is “right” or “best” for their child as they step into an additional role and facilitate this new learning adventure. 

    I know you have received your child’s weekly schedule (as it stands for the coming week) and understand that school begins at 8:15 AM with a live whole group meeting for all students. We strongly recommend that you approach the school day as you would during a traditional school year, waking your child, getting dressed, eating breakfast and making sure they have what they need for school (books, supplies etc.). Also, helping them with independence. Just like when you drop them at the school or classroom door, you are having them sit independently (yes, you can be next to or nearby), toys removed and attention is given to the teacher and their classmates. 

    If you have questions about your child’s schedule, or something does not seem clear, please contact your child’s teacher directly. As I said last week, everyone’s family circumstances are different, students are learning from a variety of places and with a range of support from adults. You are our main point of contact when it comes to your child so we will be communicating directly with you. If your child is being supervised by an adult other than you during the school day, I want to encourage you to share the school and teachers’ communications with them so they are best able to support your child.  

    In order for any of us to get the most of our day, we need to feel safe and secure, and be emotionally and mentally ready to process and learn.   There are a great many things that have people worried right now.  Along with COVID and our day-to-day rituals being adjusted, we have fires raging all over Oregon and the news, smoke & air quality are constant reminders.  Kids and adults are showing stress and anxiety in a myriad of ways.  Your child may want to talk and process this and it is important to give time and space for this to happen.  Mrs. Gardner, our school counselor shared this article about how we can talk to kids about the feelings they are experiencing and suggests ways to help the fear go away.  https://www.insiderfamilies.com/how-to-talk-to-children-about-wildfires/  Mrs. Gardner also put together a little video for you to share with your child introducing herself and a great book called “The Anxiety Spot”.   You can find it HERE

    I’d also like to offer this article for any of you who are feeling stressed or anxious. It can be additionally challenging to take care of others when we aren’t feeling safe or secure ourselves. 

    Know that we are here for you. If you are needing supports or resources for any reason, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Gardner at sgardner@pps.net or me. We are all in this together!


    Lori Clark

    Glencoe Principal