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    Library Book Bag Checkout: Last Name A-L


    1-3 PM


    Library Book Bag Checkout: Last Name M-Z


    1-3 PM



    Dear Glencoe Families,

    Congratulations, you have finished your first full week of Distance Learning! As many of you know, our word of the month was introduced in our Monthly Assembly Video this week. I am sure you can guess why we chose PERSEVERANCE. These past few weeks have been a real test in doing hard things and not giving up! I want to thank you for supporting your child and helping to facilitate their learning. Supporting your child’s educational journey has looked much different than it does right now and we appreciate your partnership. 

    I also want to applaud your child and our staff who have had to “flip” their classrooms, practices and learning habits into a virtual setting. If you haven’t watched the Wednesday Morning Meeting Assembly video with your child, I encourage you to do so. At the end of the video Ms. Gardner invited students to share a perseverance experience with us through a program called Flipgrid. We’d love it if you and/or your child submitted a Flipgrid response about perseverance.  Here is a LINK, to do just that: https://flipgrid.com/a9c9d204

    There have been some questions and confusion about our Specials (PE, music & library) Live Classes & Specials NON-Live lessons/Activities: I am hoping I can clarify your child’s schedule when it comes to these classes. 



    Found in Google Meets


    NOT LIVE: found in Seesaw



    Google Meets

    Code: mpg

    Clever Portal: Seesaw

    Click on child’s name, top left corner of screen

    Find Class that says PE (Lile) & click on it 

    Click on “activities” top right and it takes you to the lesson/activity for the week


    Google Meets

    Code: mpg

    Clever Portal: Seesaw

    Click on child’s name, top left corner of screen

    Find Class that says Music (Davidson) & click on it 

    Click on “activities” top right, and it takes you to the lesson/activity for the week. 


    NONE Provided

    Clever Portal: Seesaw

    Click on child’s name, top left corner of screen

    Find Class that says Library (Griffon) & click on it. 

    Click on “activities” top right, and it takes you to the lesson/activity for the week

    When the class is LIVE it will say “LIVE” on their schedule.

           Kinder & 1st Grade have 2 LIVE specials classes a week. During the LIVE specials class they will see both PE & Music teachers.

           2nd - 5th graders have 1 LIVE PE and 1 LIVE Music a week.

    When the class is NOT LIVE it will say Seesaw PE or Seesaw Music. Then the student should go to Seesaw and access the assigned lesson or activity. Library will always be found in Seesaw.

    If you have questions or things are not going well when it comes to these classes, please contact the Specials teachers directly. The best way is through their email:

    Mrs. Davidson (Music): ldavidso@pps.net

    Mrs. Lile (PE): alile@pps.net

    Ms. Layman (PE): mlayman@pps.net

    Ms. Griffon (Library): cgriffon@pps.net

    Glencoe is starting our “Let’s Get Reading Again” program the week of September 28th. Students will be able to check out grade level book bags for two weeks at a time. We will have pick up and drop off times organized by child’s last name on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-3, every other week. You can find specific information about the program in your child’s Library Class in Seesaw.

    Originally, we had planned to hold this year’s Back to School Night this coming week. With only one full week of distance learning under our belts, we have decided to reschedule our Virtual Back to School Night (BTSN). Our hope is to give families, students and staff more time to acclimate to the expectations and settle into the routines. We also want to make sure we have a clear picture of the information you will want or need so we can be most effective at communicating with you during that time.   If you have questions or wonderings between now and then, please contact me, the office or your child’s teacher.

    Our REVISED Virtual BTSN schedule is as follows:


    October 5


    October 6


    October 7


    October 8


    October 9

    2nd Grade

    5th Grade

    Kindergarten &

    4th Grade

    1st Grade &

    3rd Grade



    Lori Clark

    Glencoe Principal



    Nurse Jenny

    Hi from Nurse Jenny! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! This year we are able to provide an online student health condition portal for parents/guardians to complete forms for their students. https://www.multnomahesd.org/shs-boy-919413.html  You can email completed forms and any questions directly to me at jhoesly@mesd.k12.or.us.

    The following is a great link with lots of information on air quality and wildfire effects. The section for Reducing Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke is especially important with our current air quality index of hazardous to very unhealthy. 




    Special PTA meeting on Thursday, October 1st at 7:30pm via Zoom to elect new board members for the 2020 - 2021 school year. The PTA put out a call in August to fill several vacancies on the PTA board for this school year and these three parents stepped forward. They are Mackenzie Weintraub, kindergarten parent, for Co-president, Whitney Stark, kindergarten and 2nd grade parent, for Co-president, and Anna York, 3rd grade parent, for Secretary. If other parents are interested in running for these positions or the other unfilled board positions of Family Ambassador and Volunteer Coordinator, please let us know prior to the meeting.


    In order to vote, you must be a PTA member in good standing. If you were a member last year, your membership is good through 10/31/20. If you are not yet a member or would like to renew your membership, the membership form is attached to this email or you can join online at https://www.oregonpta.org/membership. Cost is $15 per year per person.  Please note this meeting is focused solely on the election. There will be a general PTA meeting in mid-October, date TBD, to welcome new parents, go over the upcoming school year, and approve the 2020-2021 budget. 


    Zoom link for the meeting Thursday, October 1st at 7:30pm


    Meeting ID: 831 4807 7929
    Passcode: 665342