• D.A. Grout Elementary School Announcements

    March 29, 2020

    Dear Grout Families,

    I have been thinking about all of our students, their families and our staff and am hoping you are all well during this unprecedented time.  Covid 19 has changed our lives completely including how we “do school.” I wanted to update our community about PPS’s plans moving forward. This week our educators will begin professional development to better understand how to offer school online and the different platforms available to use.  The following week, beginning April 6, we expect to have online lessons in English Language Arts and Math available for kindergarten through 5th grade.  

    We want this to be as equitable as possible for all of our students.  We have families who do not have internet access. The district is working to identify hotspots that families can use.  Also, some families have devices to access online learning at home, but many of our families do not. A survey went out for families about their internet availability and potential need to borrow a Chromebook from PPS.  There has been a large demand. Therefore, the district will first offer Chromebooks for students in 4th – 12th grade.  After that demand has been met, the district will offer Chromebooks for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.  If you would like to get a Chromebook, but have not yet completed the survey, please stay tuned.  The survey will open soon for the second round of distribution. When ready, surveys will also be available at food sites.  At this time, Chromebooks are only available to those who have previously completed the survey and the district has personally notified of distribution.  Schools are not able to issue Chromebooks to families who have not yet completed this process.  

    Grout School will continue to be one of the schools offering breakfast and lunch starting up again on Monday, March 30th from 11 am – 1 pm through the planned closure.  Hard packets of grade level instructional material will also be available. 

    I will be updating the Grout Community about online instruction starting the week of April 6th.  As Ms. Self and I work with staff this week, we will be gathering information from each classroom educator.  As soon as we have this pinned down, we will share more information and details with you.

    Thank you in advance for your patience with Ms. Self, our educators and myself as we navigate unknown territory.  Our goal is to keep a strong connection between students and their educators and will be doing many activities to reinforce previous learning.  Educator’s lesson will initially focus on English Language Arts and Math. Learning in other areas, such as Social Studies and Science, will be added as available.  If virtual learning is not working for you at home, please do not add this to the stress you may already be under. We understand that access to learning is going to be different for every family and may be different day by day.  We are here to support and not to add more to your already full plates. 

    If you need assistance with food, please reach out to Chelsea Kimura with SUN Chelsea.kimura@portlandoregon.gov, or Mr. Frankunas dfrankun@pps.net, Principal Annie atabshy@pps.net, or Ms. Self  deself@pps.net.   Grout PTA is also supporting assistance with food and has been in contact with us and Chelsea.

    You may reach Principal Annie at atabshy@pps.net or (971) 201-9201 and Ms. Self at dself@pps.net or (503) 867-3289.

    Thinking about our Grout Community,

    Annie Tabshy, Principal and Denise Self, Assistant Principal  

    Quick Links and information:

    Information about the Corona Virus:  pps.net/coronavirus

    Food finder:  oregonfoodfinder.org


    Breakfast and lunch will be provided to children in the community ages 1-18. Tuesday, March 17 through Friday, March 20, and Monday, March 30 and Tuesday, March 31. Meals will be available for pickup outside the school from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the following locations: 

    Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Elementary - 620 N Fremont Ave 

    César Chávez Elementary - 5103 N Willis Blvd 

    George Middle School - 10000 N Burr Ave

    Grout Elementary – 3119 SE Hogate Blvd 

    Harrison Park School - 2225 SE 87th Ave 

    Lent School - 5105 SE 97th Ave 

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary - 4906 NE 6th Ave 

    Rigler Elementary - 5401 NE Prescott St 

    Rosa Parks Elementary - 8960 N Woolsey Ave 

    Scott Elementary - 6700 NE Prescott St 

    Sitton Elementary - 9930 N Smith St 

    Woodmere Elementary - 7900 SE Duke St 

    Markham Elementary - 10531 SW Capitol Hwy 

    Madison at Marshall - 3905 SE 91st Ave 

    Child Care 

    Our licensed child care providers (YMCA, Champions, Camp Fire, etc.) will not be able to offer child care during canceled school days or during spring vacation in our buildings. If your children are registered for a spring break child care program, your provider will be contacting you with further information. 

    SUN Service System 

    Our SUN Service System Partners will not be able to offer programming during canceled school days or during spring break in our buildings. We are in communication with our partners and will provide additional information as we have it. 

    Health Centers 

    Multnomah County will keep some Student Health Center locations open during the break. You can find more information by visiting this website. 

    Health services are available for all K-12 students in Multnomah County over spring break (March 23-27) at: 

    Parkrose Student Health Center 

    12003 NE Shaver St 


    This is an unprecedented time in our community, and we hope that some of the services and supports described above will be helpful to families over the unexpectedly long break. During the break, we encourage everyone to follow recommended practices by avoiding large gatherings, washing hands frequently and covering mouths when coughing or sneezing. Those experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu should stay at home until symptom-free for 72 hours. If you are concerned about symptoms, please consult with a doctor. You can find much more information and additional resources by clicking pps.net/coronavirus. 

    We wish everyone a safe and healthy extended break.