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    Sept. 7    No School - Labor Day                   Sept. 9    Set-up for Success 

    Sept. 8    First Day of Soft Start for               Sept. 14   Full-Day Distance Learning Starts

                   Kindergarten                                   Sept. 24  Virtual Back to School Night

    September 4, 2020

    Dear Grout Families,

    We would like to start out by thanking each of you for your incredible patience and support as we dive into the beginning stages of the “Soft Start.”  Everyone has been excited to connect in the class meetings this week and begin to explore some short lessons and activities in Seesaw.  We hope things went smoothly for you, but technology can be tricky so hang in there and let us know if you continue to have challenges.  

    Last week our dedicated Grout staff met to collaborate, plan, and engage in professional development. Our agenda was full, but included how to insert Racial Equity standards in our classroom instruction, best practices in distance learning, setting expectations for a virtual classroom, and grade level schedules and planning.  

    Even though this start of the school year is like none other, and there is a sadness that comes with not seeing everyone in person, we are continuing to work with our staff, district supervisors, and community partners around options for socially distant in-person engagement.  We will be sure to share out any information regarding this as soon as we can.  In the meantime, your child’s teacher will be reaching out to say hello and check-in. 

    Denise Self                           Katy Vawter

    Principal                               Assistant Principal

    dself@pps.net                      kvawter@pps.net          


    Set-Up for Success

    Mrs. Self, Principal,  and Ms. Vawter, Assistant Principal, are excited to host a virtual community gathering to hear and exchange ideas around setting your child(ren) up for success during this unique start to the school year.  As parents and educators, Denise and Katy understand the challenges of navigating this new “normal.”  The goal is that you find connection with other Grout families and leave with some helpful strategies.  Please join them Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00pm and/or 5:30pm.  The code for the Google Meeting is:  GroutFamilies


    Technology Distribution/Pick-up 

    We have distributed over 120 Chromebooks and technology devices this week.  If your child needs a Chromebook or WiFi Hotspot, please email Maria Carpenter at mcarpenter@pps.net, or Emelie Alvarado at ealvarado@pps.net.  We will make sure that we have what you need in inventory and schedule a time for pick up. You can also leave a message on the office phone at (503) 916-6209.  


    Student Daily Schedules

    As you probably know, we will continue our Soft Start schedules through next week.  Beginning on Monday, September 14, students will have a full day of instructional activities.  While this does not mean they will be sitting in front of video lessons for the entire day, there will be synchronous lessons, small group instruction, and independent activities.  Our day will begin at 8:00 am and end at 2:15 pm, just like our regular in-school schedule. Your child’s teacher will be giving you a more detailed schedule by early next week after we take one more look this weekend and make sure all of the pieces are included and fit together.  



    Attendance in this virtual learning environment is important, but we understand the conflicts that can arise for families.  Teachers will be taking attendance each day, but this may look different for each family.  To be marked present, students will need to do one of the following:  attend the class meeting or synchronous lesson with their classroom teacher, attend a small group synchronous meeting, communicate with their teacher by phone or email, or turn in an assignment.  If you have any questions about attendance, please reach out to your child’s teacher.  


    Breakfast/Lunch Pick-Up at Grout

    Starting next Wednesday, September 9, Grout will be serving meals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  This is a slight change from previous announcements, but Nutrition Services was able to expand what they are offering.  Any child, ages 1 - 18, can come to Grout for a meal.  This is just like our summer program.  They will provide two meals on Monday, two meals on Wednesday, and three meals on Friday.  

    Online Schooling Resources for Families

    Please visit https://www.pps.net/familyresources. This page gathers resources for families and students to help you navigate distance learning during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Resources include how-to videos and documents to help you and your student access Clever, Seesaw, Google Meets, and more. It also has information on using PPS Chromebooks and links to other useful resources.


    PPS Curriculum for Parents on Atlas 

    Families have the opportunity to view Portland Public Schools curriculum in Atlas by visiting https://pps-public.rubiconatlas.org/Atlas/Public/View/Default


    Meet and Greet our PAL Team (PE, Art, and Library teachers) for New Students to Grout

    Our PE teacher, Mr. Kreuz, our Art teacher, Ms. Yao, and our Library teacher, Ms. Lynn are all excited to meet incoming students new to Grout. They invite all Kindergarten families and new students in other grade levels to 'Meet and Greet' for a brief 15-minutes during a Google meeting. We believe that personal connections will greatly enhance our learning experiences with all students.

    You will get 'Google' Meet experience from your classroom teacher and use the same method to attend this quick hello.  Sign up and read detailed instructions at this link: https://bit.ly/3bfWlse   Please note your sign up day, time, and meet code since a reminder or confirmation will not be sent to you. Please also do not change any appointments on this shared sign up sheet.  If you can’t make the meeting times in the link, you can Meet the PAL team on Youtube: https://bit.ly/31ZLcbR

    All returning Grout students, we also look forward to more "face" time online with you and will communicate open online office hours in an upcoming communication.