• 2/26/21 Family Newsletter


    February 26, 2020


    March 1 Start of Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI)


    Thank you to those of you who have completed the Hybrid Survey.  We have started to reach out to individual families who have not yet responded or who have questions about the survey.  As we get the last results of the survey, we will start to analyze the information and begin work on our Hybrid plan.  Please rest assured that this initial survey is designed to give us information for planning.  As we design and share our hybrid plan, families will have the opportunity to ask more questions and revise your initial participation responses.  



    Be sure to take the 2021 Successful Schools Survey! It helps PPS understand your experience as a parent or guardian. This important information will guide us as we determine the future of our schools. We would also like to remind you that the survey window is now February 8 to March 19 for families. If you have children at more than one PPS school, please complete one survey for each school your children attend.



    PTA members are organizing a phone bank to connect with Grout families.  The purpose is to connect with families, learn how they envision Grout PTA being of most support, answer questions they may have about Grout PTA’s community role and hopefully how they could get involved. The project is planned to launch in March and continue through April. 

    Do you want to connect with other families at Grout but not sure how? Grout PTA can help through its secure online communications platform called Konstella. On the Konstella website or phone App, you can connect with other Grout families and find out the latest PTA news at Grout all you have to do is sign-up! Here’s how:

    1. Get Started: Go to https://www.konstella.com/cd/ATE9DM
    2. Language Settings: There is an option from the website to select a language (at the bottom of the page), and once that is done the website will always show up in that language.
    3. Assign: Assign your child(ren) to their classroom 

    Join the growing number of parents already signed-up! If you have any questions or need help signing up, email us at groutpta@gmail.com.

    About Grout PTA: The Grout PTA is a group of passionate parents, guardians, and teachers whose primary focus is to advocate for high-quality education and the well-being of all Grout students. We are working towards building relationships and amplifying the voices of BiPOC families and other marginalized groups at Grout. We are striving to create a more inclusive community that works to serve our diverse students and families.


    Hi there! This is Madeline, your Garden Educator! Happy Black History Month! February is a great time to look back and learn about Black history, while also looking forward and celebrating Black futures--especially in the world of growing food! This month, our virtual garden activities focus on how we grow and share food with others. Our 4th & 5th graders will be taking a look at two black farmers and the inspiring ways that they are growing food for and caring for their communities. Check out this 2 minute video clip of Leah Penniman, a farmer, food justice activist, and author of Farming While Black. 


    Meanwhile in the garden, we are inching towards spring! We need your input on what we should plant in the garden! We want to include diverse crops that represent the many cultures at Grout. Please click on the link below to complete a very brief survey about foods that are important to your family. This will be an important way that we can include you in our gardens this year even if we can’t be together in person right now :) 


    What Should We Grow in the Garden? Survey (English)

    What Should We Grow in the Garden? Survey (Spanish)


    Much of what we grow in the gardens will be getting harvested and donated to school meal distribution. So thank you so much for your input! We’re excited to see what specific plants you have in mind!


    You can find all of our lessons from this year on our Grow Portland Youtube Channel. For more resources and to learn how you can get involved with your school garden visit our website GrowPortland.org.



    Madeline Miller




    Our next library book pick up will be the week of March 1st for students in any grade. 

    • On the sidewalk on 31st Avenue
    • Monday, March 1: 2:00-4:00 pm
    • Wednesday, March 3, 2:00-4:00 pm


    Please remember to return any books that were previously checked out to you.

    Also, if the above times do not work for you, please email lpreble@pps.net so she can help get you a book delivery or make other arrangements. 



    Repeat from previous newsletters:  


    Last week, we mailed home some important information.  Included in the mailing was:  



    We are excited to announce that Grout Elementary School is recruiting parents or guardians for the relaunch of our Site Council.  


    The Grout Site Council is a group of parents or guardians, staff, community members, and administrators who focus on overall school improvement and family engagement.  The Site Council will review data, make recommendations for the school improvement plan, and increase family engagement.  


    The Site Council will meet once a month on the third Monday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.  


    Parent/guardian candidates will be selected by Grout families and serve two-year terms.  During this relaunch candidates can choose to serve a one-year term or a two-year term.  


    We encourage any interested parents or guardians to apply.  Our goal is to have a diverse representation of our school community and we welcome participation from all.  There is no specific experience or background required.  Translation services will be provided for any Site Council member if needed.  


    If you have any questions, please contact Denise Self, Principal, at (503) 916-6209 or dself@pps.net.  


    Site Council Applications:  




    One requirement of being a Title 1 school is that we complete a school-home compact. Effective schools are a result of families and school staff working together to ensure that children are successful in school.  A compact is a voluntary agreement between groups.  You are invited to enter into this partnership, the purpose of which is to strengthen the commitment between us to put children first. 


    We have included the compact in this mailing for you. Please read through the compact with your child and both of you sign it at the bottom. We are aiming to get 200 completed compacts back from our families by March 12. All students who return their compact will receive a Grout Water Bottle! 


    There are several ways to return it:


    • Drop it off during library book pickup or when picking up supplies from your teacher
    • Mail it to Grout Elementary: 3119 SE Holgate Blvd. Portland, OR 97202
    • Bring it to the school and put it through the mail slot in the front door
    • Give it to the delivery driver if you receive a delivery from the school
    • Scan it and return via email to mcarpenter@pps.net


    Thank you for your help in completing this requirement and supporting your student(s) in their learning.


    Title 1 Compacts: