• March Reflections

    Harrison Park Families-

    One week ago we were in a very different world . . . . . .

    Today, I was able to go to Harrison Park to see school breakfast and lunches being distributed by some of our cafeteria staff as well as others from around the district. We hope any families needing food will be able to access our campus during 11:00-1:00 on specified days. We will continue to communicate with families about when this will be offered. We also have some workbooks and curriculum available for students. 

    During this time, our hope is you are safe and following guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.  We have included links to their site below as well as other updates to note.

    Our hope is to begin posting more information on our website in regards to resources for families and learning opportunities for students. Each day things shift and I receive new information. We will try to relay things as best as we can. Please take care of your families. Our thoughts are with you during this time.